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Emotional Factoids II
Understanding Emotions

by Bobbi Gay


10. Blocked emotion is the single most paralyzing thing in personal growth. We just can't get beyond a particular wound until we learn something and let it go. Sometimes we may learn a lesson, but still hold stuck emotional energy. In this case, when the emotional energy is liberated no processing is needed. The lesson has already integrated on the other levels.

11. It is not possible over time to suppress negative emotions and still retain the good ones. A neurologist friend of mine told me that the AMA was now recommending treatment for depression in cases of long term back pain. She explained that blocking the pain resulted in a loss of joy as well. The same parts of the nervous system were involved. This works the same way with emotional pain.

12. Emotions are part of our internal guidance system. Many of the people I work with describe feeling emotions and body sensations warning them before a rape or other violation. If you learn to tune out emotion you will eventually automate that process. Then you will no longer even know what you are feeling. Good discernment means using the guidance God gave you.

13. Many people cannot name emotions they regularly feel. If children were taught to name their feelings, it would tend to diminish identification with the emotion. Example: "I have anger right now, but I am not my anger."

14. Most emotions clear fully in minutes or less if we release them as we go along in our life experiment. Emotions come in waves and we can rest and rebalance slightly in between waves. We can learn to work effectively with the rhythm of the process. When releasing deeply encoded emotion we can pace the process by stopping to rest periodically.

15. For those with early abandonment, catharsis may be needed in order to release some of the huge stores of misery. The problem here is that for some it is rare to feel well being, which makes it hard to believe there is a better way to feel. This diminishes motivation for change. Releasing some of the steam often produces pleasure and more expansive thinking. For those working at this deep level it is mandatory to have a trustworthy guide.

16. Emotions lodge in the tissues in cases of shock and denial. When one has an overwhelming experience it bypasses normal memory and gets biochemically encoded in the bodily tissues. This is a very familiar concept to meditators, body workers, energy workers and experiential explorers.

With denial I think the emphatic repeating of a phrase or aversive feeling causes the psyche to deeply take in the message. It is as if stress causes an altered state. Remember we are more suggestible in an altered states. That is why hypnosis and guided imageries are used to reprogram. "This is not happening!" "This never happened!" "I don't believe this!" "NOOOOO!" When we deny our experience the emotional energy of that experience lingers in our energy field. From there it eventually becomes a symptom.

17. Suppressing and repressing emotional energy has a physical component. Very early in life children learn that if they hold their breath and squeeze their muscles, awareness of troubling emotions goes away. This may be combined with suppressive thoughts. This tension can become like armor, which is what it's often called. As our bodies harden our emotions harden. We are less sensitive to energetic information, hunches, emotional awareness, caresses and so on. Many or the former things are what produces those pleasure chemicals in the brain. The armor itself actually fosters and maintains tension states. Somatics is very helpful in gently dissolving body armoring.

18. Negative emotions tell us we are interpreting events in a negative way. If we change the interpretation, we open the door to positive change. Flower essence Solutions can greatly assist this kind of reframing.

19. Emotions are great motivators. Using positive energy to self motivate is a major life lesson. Many people motivate themselves with fear and nagging behaviors. Who in their right mind likes that? It's a prescription for resentment and exhaustion.


  1. Working effectively with emotions was the single most freeing part of my own journey. For this reason I have studied emotions for thirteen years now. I've put a lot of love into the tape set called Understanding Your Emotions This is meant to be a user's Guide for the Emotions.

  2. Asking yourself, "What must I be believing in order to feel this way?" is enormously helpful. Sometimes the realization that you are carrying an outdated belief is all that is needed to create positive change. For help in shifting belief patterns please see the article entitled, Process for Shifting Limiting Beliefs.

  3. Begin to notice the sensations within your body that characterize emotions. Name the feeling. This is a simple intervention that bridges back to emotional health.

  4. The book entitled Emotional Clearing : Releasing Negative Feelings and Awakening Unconditional Happiness by John Ruskan is a helpful introduction to working effectively with emotion. In Association with Amazon.com

  5. The book entitled Conscious Breathing : Breathwork for Health, Stress Release, and Personal Mastery by Gay Hendricks gives profoundly helpful advice and guidance for using the breath to release as well as rebalance. Many will find it easier and get more value from the audio tape. In Association with Amazon.com

  6. Our Acorn Solution called Emergency Blend will support any deep releasing process. It removes shock from the energy field, and body. Then Emergency Blend helps you to rebalance. Add2cart

  7. Working with shame is some of the most difficult work I know of. For working with shame I would recommend Shame Less Blend.Add2cart I feel it's important to know that shame is one of the emotions that really tends to heighten before release. For this reason good support is sometimes needed. Shame is not only very painful, but it causes blind spots that interfere with self acceptance, insights and integration. If you work with shame and feel the need for a little help please consider using the phone services on this site. I have a lot of experience in helping people ease through this most difficult process. For a better understanding of how systemmically shame diminishes life we suggest reading Healing the Shame That Binds You by John Bradshaw. In Association with Amazon.com

  8. Grief tends to cause a loss of vitality and connection to life. Our Acorn Solution called Grief Relief Blend will begin to lift it right out. The description we provide will help you to work effectively with this process. For me in my life grief was a big one for that reason I know that the person in grief often needs tenderness and so for that reason my phone services might be advisible and very comforting. Add2cart

  9. For those working with the toxic emotions produced by sexual violation I strongly recommend Reach for the Rainbow : Advanced Healing for Survivors of Sexual Abuse by Lynne D. Finney. In Association with Amazon.com

  10. Sometimes working intensively with strong emotions can be ungrounding. We can feel rocked at the core and nervous and accident prone. In such cases I recommend Grounding Blend, even if you don't purchase the product please read the description of the blend for helpful information. Add2cart


Emotional Factoids III

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