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What I specialize in is an understanding of feeling states and their connections to music. In my training for Psycho-Spiritual Integration and Integrative Breathwork I was trained to detect where in the body the music was activating or resonating. I also learned what energy centers or chakras, were affected by certain instruments and compositions. I, Bobbi Gay, don't really feel qualified to write sophisticated commentary on CD.'s. However, over the years I have familiarized myself with many albums in my search for spiritually and emotionally evocative music. From this search came a desire to share some of the wonder, excitement and variety we have encountered along the way.

Here at the Self Empowerment Center @ LightSeed.com we offer information and CD.'s that we like for certain qualities that the artists offer. These CD.'s usually are helpful when releasing certain emotions, or attaining certain healing states, which we will specify for you. Happy listening!

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Midnight Express 

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Chronologie by Jean Michel Jarre

This is definitely driving and exciting music. It is synthesized and somewhat orchestral in sound. The music has power and soars in places. Cuts 2,4, 6, and 8 are all exciting to the nervous system, good shake up music. It stirs you up on many levels. You could dance, drive, or just listen and feel. High quality in every way.  Top In Association with Amazon.com

Light of the Spirit by Kitaro

This is really the only Kitaro C.D. that I have liked. It's possible that there are many I haven't heard in defense of Kitaro. This is light filled music, but it has more diversity and texture than much of the light filled stuff. I think of this as this soul calling music, because I feel like it calls out my soul. It uplifts, transports and strengthens me when I listen to Light of the Spirit. If you like upper chakra and heart music that doesn't sound monotonous, this is for you. TopIn Association with Amazon.com

  Spectrum Suite by Steven Halpern

This particular album gives you a deep experience of the sound made to take you on journey through the chakras. This chakra music brings the human body into a certain frequency range that is particularly relaxed and healing. This is great for when you want to pull yourself up into a higher state of awareness. I feel this music in my third eye and I bet it` would be great for psychic explorations. Great with headphones.
Steve Halpern is one of the few people who is defining the field of music and healing. His music is the standard for upper chakra or spiritually based music. His music would be conducive to meditation, envisioning, massage, yoga, reading, relaxing, doing art and anything else that requires a quiet center. Anything where you're seeking expansive sensibilities would be assisted and perhaps heightened and intensified by this music.

Halpern's music would be the music of choice when doing healing meditations. It would also aid energy workers. His most recent music is more deliberate in it's healing intention. This music is filled with light and angelic healing enegy. This music raises the energetic vibration of any enviornment. TopIn Association with Amazon.com

Deep Forest by Deep Forest

This is an exciting album with an unusual appeal. It is a combination of mostly driving synthesizer sounds with actual pigmies doing the singing. It is good for driving in the car, dancing, or feeling exotic and celebratory.

In breathwork this kind of music shakes up the participant allowing for unconscious material to emerge. It has a momentum and a jungle feel. It feels both modern and sophisticated and primitive. There is also a playful quality to some of it. I use cuts number six and eight for real shake up!! Cuts number nine and ten are peaceful and uplifting.
The pigmy voices are charming and intriguing. If you like the unusual this is for you. TopIn Association with Amazon.com

Midnight Express by Giorgio Moroder

This has some outstanding cuts that make it worth the purchase price. Cut 1 is a great journey piece, it really shakes things up and liberates energy. Cut 2 is one of the best heart pieces I've ever heard, for me it inspires self love, it's called Love's Theme. Top In Association with Amazon.com

Oxygene by Jean Michel Jarre

The sound is penetrating and otherworldly, it makes me think of extra terrestrials and outer space. It transports, and excites. This is journey music. I've never heard anything else that sounds like this album. I highly recommend it's crisp unusual sound. It will carry you upwards. I feel like an explorer when I work subjectively with this music. Top In Association with Amazon.com

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