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When You Wish Upon A Star

Daniel Kobialka

Daniel Kobialka is far and away my favorite violinist in the world. The human heart seems to be extremely sensitive to the sound of the violin. The sensitivity Kobialka conveys is profoundly healing. I'm told that his work is integrated into many healing professions and I can certainly understand why. I myself will often play his lullaby album, When You Wish Upon a Star for my clients, at the end of a rough emotional session. This is particularly true if it was a clearing of childhood trauma. That is because it seems to reconstitute the inner child. It's as if the sound conveys the pattern of deep peace and basic trust.

As I write this I'm listening to Kolbialka's Fragrances of a Dream and it is calming my nervous system. To me it feels like a warm angelic hand on my back, it creates safety and warmth. This kind of music nourishes the delicate sensibilities of the soul. It nurtures the life of the soul. Kolbialka is experimental so part of Fragrances of a Dream is a long mystically tinged rendition of Procol Harum's A Whiter Shade of Pale. The original always touched me so I sure can appreciate this innovative version.

The Wish Upon a Star cut from the album of the same name, is one of the most predictable pieces of music I work with. This is the haunting and evocative Disney theme song. It tends to stir longings for meaning and joy. It seems to deeply affect the idealistic inner child who is sensitive to feelings of possibility and wonder. I'm saying that for some of you this is food for the wonder child within. This is the part of you that can believe in big dreams, both personally and for all of us.

Other cuts from Wish Upon a Star are magnificent lullabies that nourish the inner infant. It is important to feed this part because it can crash our best laid plans by collapsing and creating blocks to growth. I believe that the inner infant and it's unmet needs are often responsible for our least understood self defeating patterns. To feed that part of self, is to tell the helpless parts of you that the world is safe and warm. This kind of "telling" transcends the intellect and integrates as a felt experience.

That's why so many practitioners have found the effects of this exquisite music to be healing. If you know that as an infant or toddler you were neglected, abandoned or abused it would probably he helpful to listen to the When You Wish Upon a Star CD,even if it's just background for an extended period of weeks or months.

If you are feeling a need or longing to lie down and "veg", consider that the infant within might need some downtime to reconstitute. This music may greatly shorten the time needed to get to that internal "space" that refuels the spirit. If you would like to explore how to create inner states of warmth and security I highly recommend this music. It would also greatly accentuate massage, bodywork, guided imagery work, creative endeavors, and general relaxation. The work of Daniel Kobialka delivers in many ways!


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When You Wish Upon a Star
by Daniel Kobialka
Order # B000001PJ9
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