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Explorations of the Inner and Outer Realms
by Bobbi Gay

Welcome to Explorations @ LightSeed.com. where we celebrate the mystery. We realize the world is more complex and elaborate than most of us can even dream. In this section we offer books, tapes, and tools that take the user deeper into the mystery of themselves,the inner,and life here on planet Earth and beyond,the outer realms. All these offerings have been personally used and enjoyed by us as well as others we know. We invite you to explore the mystery for yourself.

We offer items that simply provide new explorations for anyone interested in trying them.Star But, also for those who seek cutting edge information and exotic subjects we provide that in this little corner of our web site called Explorations.

For nearly forty years I have been keenly interested in all the unusual subjects I could uncover. One of my keenest interests has been the Starsubject of UFO's. I have spent perhaps five hundred hours reading and another hundred and fifty hours at conferences just on this one subject. For the last ten years, my main focus has been on the psychological and spiritual aspects of the UFO experience. If you find this subject intriguing we will offer what we consider the best books on this subject to you.

Areas of exploration we offer:

Triangle Energy healing and other cutting edge healing modalities

StarTriangle The energy model of reality, Quantum physics, and the nature of reality

Triangle The UFO experience and it's meaning, also angels

Triangle Create your own reality and high quality channeled information

Triangle Near death experience and other transformational experiences

Triangle Synchronicity, dreaming and intuition
Vibrational Healing Overview Star

Vital Thoughts


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And, hey, if you feel inspired, drop me a line at Bobbi@LightSeed.com
Or write to me at  LightSeed.com    PO Box 584 Griswold CT 06351
It's always good to hear from fellow online seekers, healers and explorers.
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