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Vital Thoughts

The following is just a list of thought provoking explorations we invite anyone to explore. These are the kinds of questions that provoke deep level insight and inspiration.

1. If I were to really believe I am a vast and powerful soul having a human experience, how would that change my thoughts, and life? What would I do differently?

2. What if I could trust my feelings and learn from them? What might my feelings be telling me?

3. If I knew the answer to my greatest problem it would be... Name the first thing that occurs about ten times. This eventually gets to new information.

4. If I was assured of success, what would I want for my life? Should the lack of a guarantee stop me from trying?

5. Is it possible that I can make peace with past mistakes? Maybe I was doing the best I could with limited information and experience. Would I forgive a loved one or friend? Do I deserve less? What would I say to a treasured friend?

6. If I go deep inside I might find out I'm lovable. What am I afraid of? Is the person I was when something bad happened still stuck and unloved?

7. How do I give my power away? To what beliefs or people do I give my energy and attention? Maybe if I set more boundaries with others, I would have more energy for me.



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