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Vibrational Healing Overview

by Bobbi Gay

More and more we are talking about vibrations in everyday life. We notice energy and respond to it. We recognize that people do give off vibes. We notice when somebody is not energetically present and involved. We note people's energy levels and quality of their energy although we may not consciously state that as fact. This article is my attempt to provide a broad framework for understanding how vibrational healing might operate. Flower essences are a particularly effective and predictable method of vibrational healing. For this reason I will use them as a point of discussion. My intention is to help familiarize the reader with recognizing that primary reality is vibrational in nature. Therefore vibrational interventions can be quite helpful and sweeping in terms of improvements. Throughout this discussion it is my firm intention to satisfy the mental, spiritual, and emotional sensibilities of you the reader.

Our planet and its people are undergoing rapid change and growth right now. One of the lessons we struggle with collectively is the issue of self-responsibility or self-empowerment. The way I view it humanity is moving through the late adolescent stage of our development. We have polluted our planet and created many logistical nightmares all because as a species we lacked a perspective that takes in the whole picture. We have left others to deal with our consequences. The time has come for change, and vibrational healing is truly geared for the new millennium.

As long-standing systems breakdown we question whether social security, insurance coverage, and even comprehensive Medicaid will be available when the baby boomers need it. Our wish for someone to save us either as individuals or as a species is being replaced by the recognition that we must take personal responsibility for our own destiny. One result of all this breakdown is that many people are empowering themselves to take charge of their own health and welfare. They are beginning to realize that alternative modalities sometimes work as well or better than allopathic methods. Vibrational healing as well as many ancient systems, are often more holistic and less toxic. Flower essences have no toxic or negative side effects.

Flower essences fall into a category of remedies termed vibrational. Vibrational healing recognizes that what quantum physics tells us about the world is true. This seemingly solid world is actually comprised of very tiny units of energy dancing and weaving. The way these bits interact with each other creates standing wave forms. Our brain reads and interprets these wave forms and then converts this information into sensory impressions. Eastern mystics have long grasped this notion when they describe the world as "maya" or illusion. This understanding recognizes that primary reality is energetic in nature. Patterns are transitory energy configurations.... change the pattern and you change the structure. This explains those miraculous, and documented instances of huge tumors, or scores of tumors literally disappearing overnight. I submit that something allowed the pattern of malignancy to release and one of health be reinstituted.

A famous neurosurgeon named Karl Pribram has developed a "holographic brain theory." This theory holds that our brains likely operate like a hologram. The important thing to know about holograms for this discussion is that every part of a hologram contains within it the pattern for the whole. So if a holographic image was broken into many pieces, each piece would retain an image of the whole. This might be what the Bible is referring to when it states that man was made in the likeness and image of God. This may literally be the "God within". The best book I've found about this material is the Holographic Universe by Micheal Talbot, we are making this book available for those who are excited like I am by these ideas.

Just as every piece of DNA in your body contains a blueprint for the entire body, we too may contain all the information in the created universe within us. Experiential psychologies such as Holotropic Breathwork* bear this out, people have experiential access to all aspects of the created universe when working in expanded states. People can literally experience identification with cosmological processes, the animal kingdom, or any other aspect of nature. To learn more about the work being done in this area check out The Holotropic Mind, or Beyond the Brain by psychiatrist Stan Grof.

The kingdom of heaven lies within may well be a literal statement. It follows that as a single "bit" of energy or consciousness you could have access and connection to a larger Self. This Self has greater love and wisdom, the kind of awareness that can change our world. I believe our next evolutionary stage will be characterized by a maturing of perspective. We will learn that we can consciously align with the organizing power of the soul's energy field. In this process we can receive energy sustenance and guidance. We will become conscious creators, who collaborate with and express the soul's energy in our lives.

We know that in physics there is a paradox. If experiments on light are done with the expectation to find it to be particle in nature, that is confirmed. Yet, if the experiments look to find light to express as a wave, that too is what is borne out. These findings seem mutually exclusive and yet both are true. I am convinced that humans embody the same mystery. If we think of ourselves as a particle, a physical body and an ego self, that is what we experience. Yet, if we think of ourselves as having a wavelike function we expand what's possible and connect with something bigger.

I think the soul can be thought of as our wave aspect. It has access to vibrational information holographically encoded throughout the created universe. It simply tunes in to other realities. What's important for the understanding of flower essences is that the energy field of the soul is highly organized and coherent. This has an organizing effect when we attune to the patterns of wholeness. What happens when we attune well, is called healing.

Vibrational remedies positively impact the human organism at the level of the human energy field. Symptoms can be viewed as condensed, jammed emotional energy or narrow rigidified beliefs that have dense energy substance. As an example let's look at the belief, "I can't trust myself." If you think that thought frequently enough it creates fear and uncertainty throughout the organism. If you suppress or repress the fear you get energetic congestion. You literally slow down the energy of the emotions or limiting thoughts. The body recognizes the presence of this congestion and expresses that recognition in the form of a more general anxiety or perhaps even a phobia.

During trauma people energetically encode what they can't integrate, hopefully for later release and integration. Eventually, if they do nothing to deal with this stored traumatic emotion and experience it will begin to emerge as the body seeks to reestablish balance and harmony. This may be in the form of the emotion from the originating event disconnected from the memory. The person who experiences this may feel stuck in some emotion, yet have no insight as to the cause. Or the psyche may signal a problem in the form of dreams with the strong emotional quality of the repressed experience. Fear and anxiety dreams, may be one of the psyche's way of calling our attention to some important repressed energy and memory. I think dreams may also be a physiological mechanism for discharging toxic levels of emotional tension that the ego personality won't allow into awareness or expression.

People might then expend great energy suppressing or repressing the feeling.... in addition their world view might begin to take on a quality of fear. Fearful thoughts will follow. The fearful thoughts then stir up negative emotional energy. The body is tense, the emotions are brittle, the thoughts are constricted and limiting and the spirit feels disconnected.

This situation calls for clearing both negative or limiting thoughts and any attendant emotional baggage in the form of energetic congestion. Vibrational methods are most effective at this kind of clean sweep. They work in a variety of ways to release these condensed pockets of negativity. With the release of the contraction the energy body reconfigures to that of the Higher Self. Some might call this the Christ nature or the soul. Deepak Chopra refers to this as the perfect pattern for wellness and wholeness. The thought life becomes more optimistic. The body feels more relaxed, this physical "let go" can be greatly enhanced by the practice of Somatics exercises. Click on the word Somatics to learn more about how to achieve deep level muscular relief from tension.

The results are more flow and ease. Many feel more self-acceptance and self-confidence - there is often a sense of more balance. Symptoms do release but even more important is that life takes on more richness. We stand at center of our own lives.

The process of making flower essences involves catching the blossom of the flower at it's peak, as close to opening as possible. Several blossoms are placed in a clear glass bowl of water which is then solarized. To do this it sits in the morning sun for several hours. The energetic pattern is then transferred into the water by solar energy. Water is an excellent medium for carrying energy as has been reported in great detail by Larry Dossey MD. Prayer experiments have shown that seeds watered with prayer charged water fared much better than their control cousins. Water that was cursed negatively impacted the unlucky recipients, they were stunted and fewer sprouted. For more about Larry Dossey and his work in the area of prayer please click here.

The recognition here is that plants are our God given helpers on this planet and always have been. The energy pattern of the flower works at the level of the energy body of the person. Just as certain herbs impact the physical body in predictable ways so do flower essences affect the human energy field in predictable ways. When you think of the almost universal attraction to blooming flowers you can begin to intuit a little of the mystery of this long and loving relationship between humanity and flowers.

There are flower essences for grief, anger, fear and any other emotion we may be carrying. There are flower essences which correct for thought distortions as well. Some thought distortions for example might be "I can't support myself " or "Life is harsh" or "Men hurt me". In the articles section of the LightSeed site, we have an article to assist you in shifting negative core beliefs. The article Process for Shifting Limiting Belief Patterns I have developed will powerfully support you as you work consciously with your flower essence solution. To find this information simply click on the highlighted words.

For now its important to know that thoughts are creative and we experience the results of that. Edward Bach the great innovator of flower essences in modern times was a medical doctor. He noted that certain emotions and worldviews eventually produced disease in the body. Flower essences help reframe or change out negative beliefs. They can do this in several ways. First of all they can get congested energetic stuff moving by introducing a higher frequency which through entrainment or resonance stirs up the congestion, having a tuning fork effect. This stirred up emotional energy can then be expressed and/or released and a subsequent lesson can then be integrated or digested.

For example someone who has trouble setting boundaries might feel stirred up resentment they might normally suppress and remain unaware of. They might then chose to use some of this energy to say, "Please pick up your own stuff. I quit." The lesson to be learned might be "I have to stick to my guns now." Or it might be, "When I set limits, I get more respect." In this case the stirred up emotional energy actually provides some momentum for setting better boundaries it is transformed into moving energy capable of creating change.

Another way the essences can work is by transmuting negativity. I think what happens is that the pocket of emotion is raised to a completely different vibration, one of greater peace and harmony. What was once a pocket of congestion and negativity becomes aligned with wholeness and order. Quite often a feeling of expandedness in the heart and a new more compassionate understanding of self and/or others follows.

Yet another way the essences can work is to bring awareness into our unconscious patterns. This gives us choice. An example might be that I find myself saying something new to myself, maybe it would be, "I recognize that I'm afraid of abandonment and so I'm pushing my mate away and rejecting him or her first. Maybe I could just ask directly for some reassurance." The ability to say the right words then flows without constriction because I am holding an expanded context.

Flower essences can have an immediate effect or a gradual one. I have seen them calm extremely agitated states quickly and easily during phone work. In my experience they don't always work this dramatically but most times they do when people are agitated, especially when combined with transpersonal counseling. If you have an interest in how to support your process with transpersonal counseling, or to learn more about transpersonal counseling simply click here. For extreme states the Emergency Blend we offer or Rescue Remedy should be taken every fifteen minutes, or even more frequently. Rescue Remedy is available in health food stores and some New Age shops.

In general flower essences provide a sense of life getting easier and clearer. I think many people might miss the connection between the taking of the flower essences and the subsequent improvements. We don't always pay attention to the many little improvements unfolding in the now, due to fixation on something outside the now. It is helpful to notice with gratitude any new improvements you may feel or notice. This attunes your awareness and sets a new intention that you value the flow of good things that wants to come to you. In the articles section of this site, there is a piece that explains a little more about Getting the Most Out of Your Flower Essences.

After many years of working in the field of personal growth and self-empowerment, I have created a line of flower essence formulas designed to assist in specific life situations. We are calling them Acorn Solutions. The acorn is a reference to our motto, "seeding positive change" and the solutions are homeopathic solutions which empower you to solve your life challenges creatively and with awareness. Following each article in out information segment of the site, will be a resources section which advises and connects you to the products LightSeed offers that would support you in exploring the subject matter addressed in the article.

We here at The Self Empowerment Center at LightSeed.com encourage you to try flower essences as a way to enhance the quality and direction of your life. What we are offering that differs from other sites is our own customized blends created in response to real people with real problems and dreams. In addition we are providing a support network of information available here on site that will enormously enhance the results you get from your Acorn Solution or Custom Blend. We wish to integrate the site in such a way as to provide suggestions for how to make your efforts toward self-growth more fun and effective.

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