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Emergency Blend

If you only buy one blend, Emergency Blend is the one. It is for all those painful and heightened moments, arguements, near accidents, accidents, scary movies, and other disturbing events. It counteracts shock which is a separation from the soul. I feel more involved and proactive when I take Emergency Blend in times of high stress. I fill a couple small dropper bottles from my one ounce bottle, these I tuck in my purse, glove compartment etc.

Emergency Blend is great for kids and dogs as well. I clearly remember going on a very long car ride with our two dogs who had been kenneled and were extremely high strung. We had two kids, two adults and two crazed dogs all in a Ford Probe. I adminstered some Emergency Blend by putting it on cookies and feeding them to the dogs, I then rubbed a few drops into their coats for good measure. Literally within minutes the dogs destressed, curled up and went to sleep. A couple years ago I put two or three drops a day into our communal animal water bowl for several months. Four cats and a dog all have improved dramatically. Stress behaviors such as spitting, fighting, barking, and hiding all went way down. They are all more affectionate to people and each other. I discontinued the essences after several months and now I only put them in when something is stressing them.

Emergency Blend calms and stabilizes, often very quickly. For extreme emergency or shock apply to the skin or by mouth, two or three drops every few minutes. It can be applied a few drops into a compress for bruises and boils etc. This is an adjunct to other treatment, rather than a substitute. Emergency Blend pulls new or old trauma out of the energy field. For those with longstanding abuse, I recommend trying regular use, five times daily for two or three months. For stressed out nervous systems I make the same recommendation. It is important to take it consistently for those who are releasing deep symptoms.One dropper bottle will probably last three or four weeks when taken consistently.

One ounce cobalt blue dropper bottle
Emergency Blend
comes in a one ounce cobalt blue dropper bottle for $20 Add2cart

The smaller empty companion dropper bottles are $2.00 Add2cart

Affirmation for centering: " I call back my energy and power now!"

Resources to support reconstituting:

At this stage in vibrational healing it is difficult to know for sure that you are addressing all the levels of being simultaneously that is why I added this resource section. Your own inner knowing may resonate to the suggestion or suggestions that would best serve you.

  1. The complimentary oil blend called Emergency Oil Blend may help to more fully address the four levels of being, body, mind, spirit and emotions. Add2cart

  2. A phone session with me, particularly the type called the Crisis/Opportunity session would likely greatly assist integration, which is often a stuck place. In emergencies we tend to use defense mechanisms such as denial, suppression, and repression, this causes emotional energy and trauma to lodge in the body tissues. We may need to process that out in order to learn a lesson and move on.

  3. Emergency Bath Formula was created to help soak out heavy stuff that might be coming up and out. It is great for those who would like to passively and comfortingly release grungy feeling energy. Most of our baths can be used in smaller amounts depending on taste, but Emergency Bath Formula should be used in amounts of one or two cups to a clean tub of hot water. The clean tub is believed to keep the vibrations pure, but practical life experience has taught me that it's an ideal. If you are too wrung out to clean the tub, it will still provide relief. Add2cart

  4. Releasing old stuck emotion really feels good in a crisis, please consider working with my tape set called Understanding Your Emotions. Add2cart

  5. For those who don't want to purchase the tapes, I refer you to my articles called Emotional Factoids and Processing Emotions.

Emergency Blend
Order # 300-001


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