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Emergency Oil Blend

The Emergency Oil Blend will uplift and revitalize you, allowing you to better focus and direct your life force toward joy and satisfaction. We combined high quality essential oils with flower essences to create a synergistic blend in a food quality almond oil base. It counteracts shock which is a separation from the soul. I feel more involved and proactive when I take Emergency Blend in times of high stress.

Caution: Emergency Oil Blend NOT to be swallowed. Do NOT take internally!

Emergency Oil Blend can be applied to wrists, ankles, temples as you like. It maximizes the effects of your blend to sniff the bottle before application; this affects the brain quickly. Remember not to touch the bottle with your nose, as your personal frequency might affect the blend. You could also try a couple drops in your bath water, although the fragrance of the oils may seem faint you are getting the appropriate amount of essential oil in the bath water for subtle energy therapy.

Learning how to monitor your energy levels is very helpful when working with building energy. I recommend that you read the article I wrote on the subject of Monitoring Your Energy We have the right and responsibility to decide how we would like to spend our personal energy. After all this is our God given energy that is meant to fuel a meaningful life, a life with creativity and expression!

Emergency Oil Blend calms and stabilizes, often very quickly. For extreme emergency or shock apply to the skin, two or three drops every few minutes.

Emergency Oil Blend comes in a one-ounce cobalt blue dropper bottle; I try to focus on a tool like this by applying it five times daily. I put the one ounce bottle on my nightstand and then fill a small dropper bottle to keep in a pocket or purse. Handle your oils carefully, they are a tool to be respected as you pour into your small bottle be careful not to touch the droppers to anything. I then take the large bottle and apply the morning and evening application from it and bring along the rest to ideally take three more times.

Caution: Emergency Oil Blend NOT to be swallowed. Do NOT take internally!

Emergency Oil Blend in a one ounce cobalt blue dropper bottle $20 Add2cart

A small empty travel bottle. $2.00 Add2Cart

Suggested affirmation to heighten your benefits:

" I call back my energy and power now!"

Resources to support an energizing process:

It is helpful to discover what activities, people, and interests energize you and conversely what drains you. This is a powerful way to begin to balance. At your own pace you can begin to increase what feeds you and decrease what doesn't. One of the extreme ways we learn this one is through illness so start today to make the shift. I suggest reading the piece I've written in the Articles section called Energy Monitoring.

  1. There is a Somatics tape called Calm and Energize. This is a very effective tool for building personal power.
  2. Learning how to let go of " that, which no longer serves you" is a quick way to streamline your energy.
  3. Gravitating toward that which excites you while bypassing that which doesn't is a good general strategy for building personal energy. In this case when I say excites, I am not referring to compulsive attractions but rather more healthy involving activities and people.

Emergency Oil Blend
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