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Somatics - Calm and Energize
Somatic Breathing Explorations to Disarm Stress

by Lawrence Gold


This CD is one of the most useful tools you could possibly invest in. Anxiety is the result of becoming energetically ungrounded. This state is characterized by feelings of vulnerability, tension, disconnection to the earth and others, defensiveness, and an inner quaking. What is needed is a sense of being solid at the core. There are many things we can do to address a need to feel solid. One thing however stands out as central and neccesary. That is to learn how to center with the breath. Many people respond to stress by shallow breathing. After years of this the muscles in the lower ribcage become band-like. This actually prevents deep and easy breathing. It seems the ribcage is designed to be alive and dynamic, the lower ribs should be flexible so that we can bend and scrunch yet accomodate internal organs. Years of muscular armoring result in an undifferentiated pattern developing in the brain. The ribs can no longer differentiate from each other they become boardlike and fuction as a unit. You could do bioenergetic exercises,or have bodywork and release the armored patterns from the tissues, but the undifferentiated patterns are still held in the brain.

Eventually, as a response to trauma or stress they will reinstitute. I am particularly excited about this tool because it is the only thing I've ever found that can, if used consciously, take the troublesome patterns out of the brain and retrain the brain to be flexible, which is it's natural state. This is the ultimate in self empowerment. As the ribcage opens the breath is taken in more deeply. This produces endorphin like responses that feel like warmth and well being. It becomes safe to be here. It is easier to let go when that is called for. Internal tension states subside. For years I would hear people complain that they couldn't get a deep breath. Or they might say that they found themselves sighing heavily at times. This seemed to make it difficult to stay on top and create optimism. I'm deeply excited because now I have something to offer. This tool will help you to open up quickly and efficiently. Especially if you were to compare it to the kinds of techniques we used to have.

A final word to assist in psychological integration when working with these tapes. I have seen a connection between grief and difficulty with breath. It would be helpful to be open to a grief process should it present for flushing. We offer tips for this kind of process in the articles Processing Emotion and Emotional Factoids. Also we created an Acorn Solution or vibrational blend called Grief Relief to gently assist a flushing of the heart.

Calm and Energize will help you do just that as you follow a skilled Somatics instructor through a gentle exploration of the breath. There are several guided relaxations that you can work with. The CD seems to put the participant into a relaxed and open state. This then becomes something you can recreate when the pressures build. Try this CD if you are one who feels physically brittle or rigid. Try this CD if you have anxiety. Explore this CD if you need to motivate and redirect your life. If you want to learn more about "being here" this is a shortcut!! Enjoy the endorphin like response, soak it up and broadcast it to your cells and tissues!!

Somatics - Calm and Energize
Somatic Breathing Explorations to Disarm Stress

by Lawrence Gold

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