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Grief Relief Blend

Unexpressed grief can cause both physical and emotional symptoms. We are meant to live in an open hearted stance and yet many of us carry the wounds of our childhood in our energy system. The open heart brings meaning and purpose to the process of life. In order to adopt a more trusting stance with the world some of us need first flush congested emotional energy from the heart area.

Symptoms associated with repressed grief:

  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Loss of meaning
  • Lump in the throat
  • Teariness that lingers with no sense of release
  • Sadness
  • Relationship issues especially around loss
  • Inability to speak from the heart
  • Trust issues
  • Frustration with the level or quality of personal connections
  • Sensations of sagging, heaviness, and stabbing in the heart area-this is an actual sensing of the energetic condition in the heart

Loss, anger, fear, and old pain can wind up lodged in the area of the heart. Loss in particular, and especially early loss can cause a shutting down of the heart center. The heart center is vital to all relationships, including the relationship to Self. It is in the heart that we transform old attitudes and emotions. Grief Relief Blend stirs up and flushes old grief from the heart area. This emergence of old feeling may be associated with a memory of a wounding. We have provided information for how to work with this kind of a process in our articles section, Emotional Factoids, and Processing Emotion. We hope to provide the kind of information that will guide and flesh out your flower essence process.

For those who want to address the heart issues more fully we created Heartsease Kit. This kit has a blend for flushing, one for opening the heart gently, and one for learning how to speak from the heart. This kit would be very useful for the motivated individual who knows they need to work with the heart.

One ounce cobalt blue dropper bottleGrief Relief Blend comes in a one ounce cobalt blue dropper bottle $20 Add2cart

The Heartsease Kit is $50 Add2cart

Additional empty portable dropper bottles are $2.00 Add2cart

Suggested affirmation when flushing the heart:
" I release old hurts and open to life."

Resources to support the heart flushing process:

1. The supporting articles for this process are Emotional Factoids and Processing Emotion. Whether you buy Grief Relief Blend or not these articles should help you better understand how to free yourself from stuck negative emotion.

2. The C.D. Somewhere in Time is a favorite for those who are releasing grief. In Association with

3. Opening the shoulder and ribcage will greatly speed up this kind of a process, I suggest the Somatics tape entitled Calm and Energize. We do provide an article to help you understand the rationale for this recommendation it is called Getting the Most Out of Your Somatics.

4. Carrying or wearing rose quartz especially over the heart might also assist this process. You can purchase rose quartz cheaply at most new age, or rock shops.

Grief Relief Blend
Order # 300-009


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