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Heartsease Kit

The Heartsease Kit is designed to be an integrated approach to opening the heart and accessing greater love and wisdom. There are three flower essence blend bottles that come when you order the Heartsease Kit.

Awe is a state of mind that allows and doesn't judge. Notice how little children are, they seem to flow with things. I see the sweet little baby videos on America's Funniest Videos. They react strongly to a taste for instance, but they recover quickly. They get knocked down, they yell a little bit and they get up and move on. Children are used to feeling little sense of control, the one's who know how to adapt to that seem to feel more wonder. This holds true for adults as well. Awe comes to us when we stop controlling everything and allow.

Grief sometimes stands between us and the feeling of awe. That is because it is an open heart that feels awe. Children feel more awe because they have an open heart. For some an opening heart may mean dealing with whatever issue caused a shut down in the first place. This frequently means grief. Grief often feels like a heaviness or sagging in the chest. It is associated with fatigue, difficulty getting a deep breath, and sometimes shortness of breath and sighing.

Heart words are more often about feelings. The throat center opens when we speak our truth. There are different kinds of truth and one kind in particular opens this center. That is emotional truth. Focusing on what am I feeling or experiencing and communicating that in a vulnerable way will work best. Instead of focusing on others, try to stay connected to your own heart.

We offer a three bottle set called the Heartsease Kit for those who want to experience more open hearted wonder, but who suspect they have a lot of grief. The kit consists of Awesome Blend Grief Relief Blend,and Heart Words Blend. The Heartsease Kit could be used intuitively or you could start with Grief Relief Blend for a week or two then try Awesome Blend for a few weeks, then try Heart Words Blend for a week or so. Then repeat the cycle.

Grief Relief Blend flushes, Awesome Blend opens the heart, and Heart Words Blend helps you to speak your heartfelt truth. This tends to follow a natural order and that is why I suggest this sequence.

The ideal would be to take the flower essence blend you are focusing on five times daily, but do your best.

The affirmations and the resources to work successfully with each blend is available in the individual blend descriptions as well as recommendations for how to work with the Heartsease Kit.

Heartease Kit designed to assist you to flush the heart of grief and emotional woundings, then open the heart and go on to process and speak from the wisdom of the heart. The Heartsease Kit combines Awesome Blend, Grief Relief Blend, and Heart Words Blend. Individually they would sell for $20 each, for this integrated Heartsease Kit the price is $50. You save $10

Heartsease Kit comes with 3 one-ounce cobalt blue bottles. $50 Add2cart

Small empty companion dropper bottle also available to carry along. $2.00 Add2Cart


Suggested affirmation: "It's safe to live with an open heart."


  1. One way to learn how to express from the heart is to learn effective communication techniques. Having an understanding of what actually works creates more confidence and resolve. I created a tape set to assist you in breaking old patterns and creating new ones. This is based on my own personal journey into the subject of communication. I became so frustrated that I vowed to find better ways; these are passed along in this tape set. It is my hope that it helps hearts heal and express.

  2. Certain music stirs, nourishes and strengthens the human heart. For learning to center in the heart I recommend several c.d.'s
    No Blue Thing
    by Ray Lynch, In Association with

    Deep Breakfast
    by Ray Lynch, In Association with
    and Oh What A Beautiful Morning by Daniel Kobialka

  3. Remember that the heart sustains trouble when it contracts, therefore you can focus on creating a warm green or pink ball in the heart area and then radiating that energy to spots in your body that hurt, or out your arms and hands, or spiraling out of your chest. When we expand we lose the contraction. In this way we can learn to send and direct love energy.

  4. For couples who want to learn to speak more directly I recommend exploring the Couple's Comfort Book. This book actually teaches you how to create scenarios " that call out " this kind of communication.In Association with

  5. It might be helpful to read A Guide for the Advanced Soul. It inspires me to use language more care-fully when I read this fabulous book of quotes. At the same time the ideas are powerful and the quotes all sort of reinforce each other and an expanded message.In Association with

Heartsease Kit
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