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The loss of childlike awe is something we sometimes don't notice until some peak experience occurs. We then suddenly realize by contrast how flat things have gotten. The Awesome Blend is a flower essence blend designed to help you achieve a sense of greater wonder and joy. Discovery feels more heightened for some, feelings may seem more intense and pleasurable, and for some there is a slowing down and enhanced appreciation of the little things life brings.

Awe is a state of mind that allows and doesn't judge. Notice how little children are, they seem to flow with things. I see the sweet little baby videos on America's Funniest Videos. They react strongly to a taste for instance, but they recover quickly. They get knocked down, they yell a little bit and they get up and move on. Children are used to feeling little sense of control, the one's who know how to adapt to that seem to feel more wonder. This holds true for adults as well. Awe comes to us when we stop controlling everything and allow.

Grief sometimes stands between us and the feeling of awe. That is because it is an open heart that feels awe. Children feel more awe because they have an open heart. For some an opening heart may mean dealing with whatever issue caused a shut down in the first place. This frequently means grief. Grief often feels like a heaviness or sagging in the chest. It is associated with fatigue, difficulty getting a deep breath, and sometimes shortness of breath and sighing.

We offer a three bottle set called the Heartsease Kit for those who want to experience more open hearted wonder, but who suspect they have a lot of grief. The kit consists of Grief Relief Blend, Awesome Blend and Heart Words Blend. The Heartease Kit could be used intuitively or you could start with Grief Relief Blend for a week or two then try Awesome Blend for a few weeks, then try Heart Words Blend for a week or so. Then repeat the pattern.

Grief Relief Blend flushes, Awesome Blend opens the heart, and Heart Words Blend helps you to speak your heartfelt truth. This tends to follow a natural order and that is why I suggest this sequence.

The ideal would be to take the flower essence blend you are focusing on five times daily, but do your best.

One ounce cobalt blue dropper bottle

Awesome Blend comes in a one ounce cobalt blue dropper bottle $20 Add2cart

Extra smaller dropper bottles assist you on the go. $2.00 Add2cart

The Heartsease Kit contains three blends those being Grief Relief Blend , Awesome Blend, and Heart Words Blend, which individually these sell for $20 each. We like an integrated approach to change so we make the kit available to you for $50 Add2cart

Suggested affirmation: "I allow myself to be touched and inspired by my world."

Resources to support opening to wonder:

  1. Somatics - We offer both tapes and book, I find the tapes to be much easier to work with. My suggestion would be to consider the Somatics tape called Calm and Energize. This tape opens the ribs so we can breath more fully. The ribcage and the shoulders are where we defend against grief.

  2. If you feel like you hold more in your shoulders, I would recommend the Somatics tape called Freeing the Neck, Jaw and Skull. This releasing of muscular tension may actually result in grief flushing much more rapidly, which feels better then slowly boiling up and feeling stuck and tired.

  3. I suggest using my Opening the Heart tape set to navigate and support yourself more effectively as you open to being more present in your life. Add2cart

  4. If you feel very stuck in a closed heart or an extremely mental approach to life you may benefit from a Phone Session with me. I myself have been exploring the deep heart for a dozen years now and the perspective I offer can really help.

The loss of childlike awe is something we sometimes don't notice until some peak experience occurs that causes us to notice the flatness. The Awesome Blend helps re-establish the connection to feelings of wonder and joy. Discovery feels more heightened for some, feelings feel more intense for some, and for some there is a slowing down and noticing of the little things. The Awesome Blend helps us to come more fully into the moment, and that is where the joy dwells.

Awesome Blend
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Heartsease Kit
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