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Calm and Cozy Blend

The Calm and Cozy Blend is a formula that allows us to access a deeper level of let go and relaxation. For many years I didn't know how to relax and worse yet, I was unaware of the problem. I had something some people develop in dysfunctional homes, that is called hypervigilance. I had to learn how to come into my body, and into the moment in order to discover many sensual pleasures. As I write this I am aware the the freshly cleaned denim shirt I am wearing actually feels caressing when I tune into it. It feels cozy and supportive of me. I am able to focus on what I am writing, while still experiencing pleasure in the physical sensations of life. This is really being here!

I created the Calm and Cozy Blend to help people like me who didn't know how to relax and let down the tension. Life is a dynamic oscillation between tension states and relaxation phases. The heart pushes then rests, muscles contract and relax. It isn't natural to "forget" how to relax. This Calm and Cozy Blend formula helps you to access a deeper level of "let go" and subsequent relaxation. For those with strong physicalized tensions this would help a great deal. For those who feel like they "live in their heads" this Calm and Cozy Blend should help shift that. This formula would likely deepen any meditative practice, guided imagery work, bodywork, or energywork. There is an easing of that stretched and jangled feeling.

An attitude of focusing on little physical pleasures would enhance the kind of awareness that feels cozy. I have set a strong intention to expand into my senses. After working with the soul for many years, I've been impressed with the way that the soul longs to experience the pleasure of physicality. It takes child-like delight in pure sensation. There are less good and bad judgements about the sensations it's just experience. Things may feel intense but if I stay with it the experience I get my bearings and pleasure starts creeping into situations, I formerly termed bad.

An example would be that several years ago I noticed that after a flu, I didn't feel sensation as strongly. My partner's carresses were barely perceptible. I went inward and my inner being told me that through many illnesses and abuse I had learned to withdraw my soul substance under physically taxing conditions. Further I just knew that the withdrawal of the lifeforce would make recovery more difficult.

I only get the flu a couple times a year, but since then I've set a strong intention to remain in my body when I'm experiencing negative flu symptoms. The result has been that in the past the miserable days were pure misery. Now, I began to notice little pleasures that would have gone right past me in the past. I found myself laughing in delight, weeping from compassion and much more, all alongside miserable physical conditions. In addition I recover quickly now.

I'm explaining this because it's not an intellectual concept I'm hoping for you, but an attitude. An attitude that says the world of sensation, and emotion and feelings is all worth it. That it's way more good then it is bad down here on planet Earth. It is just this attitude that will cultivate the kind of consciousness we call Calm and Cozy.

One ounce cobalt blue dropper bottle
Calm and Cozy
available in a one ounce cobalt blue dropper bottle
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Small portable dropper bottle. $2.00 Add2Cart

Suggested affirmation: "I know how to let go on all levels of my being."

Resources for feeling calm and cozy:

  1. I refer you to the article section to read Getting the Most Out of Your Somatics. This explains how to work with a tool that quickly brings feelings of warmth and flexibility. It makes being physical much more of a pleasure.

  2. The book Somatics explains with illustrations how to literally release muscular tension and retrain the brain to be free of contraction. I strongly recommend using Somatics to supplement your states of warmth and coziness. The audio tapes I found to be much easier then the book. We provide both here at LightSeed.

  3. Calm and Energize is a Somatics audio tape that retrains the breath so you can calm yourself by breathing deeply and effectively. If you have trouble breathing when crisis hits, if you find yourself shallow breathing under pressure, you will be empowered enormously by this Calm and Energize tape.

  4. For those who feel like they can't get out of their head. This may mean little sensation of life from the neck down. This may mean a muted sense of emotion, and a tendency to intellectualize as a primary way of being in the world. A Somatics tape set called Somatics Neck Jaw and Skull teaches you to free the shoulders, neck, and jaw. This would help a great deal.

Calm and Cozy Blend
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