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Reawakening the Mind's Control of Movement, Flexibility, and Health

by Thomas Hanna


In Association with Amazon.comWe don't often realize the role that muscular tension plays in creating and maintaining stress. We also can be unaware of localized tensions we carry, until we "let down." Somatics is in my opinion the single most powerful and effective body based system. In addition to being very effective, it is empowering, because the exercises do not require a body worker. There are two types of reflexive patterns that can become encoded in the tissues. One is the way we tighten the back when we need to perform a function or when the phone rings. It is about mustering the will to do something. The other reflexive pattern is down the whole front of the body, and it is the fear reflex. Somatics shows you how to eliminate these patterns, as well as those created by injury and trauma.

The feeling Somatics gives me is of great freedom. There is also an endorphin effect and measurable increases in flexibility. I used to have trouble looking behind me on my country road as I was walking my dog. I noticed this restriction repeatedly over a period of one year. One time with Somatics and I could see freely behind me, being more flexible in both the neck and shoulders and the waist. I think this information is so important that I've written an article called How to Get the Most Out of Somatics. Please take the time to read it.

Relaxation is something many of us are unfamiliar with. Somatics induces a deeper level of body relaxation then I've ever known. Thomas Hanna did informal tapes before his death. These are not real professional sounding, filled with personal commentary, but they are effective. One of his students Lawrence Gold has made a powerful and effective CD called Calm and Energize. We offer these tools in the tapes section of our web site. The application of Somatics exercises is complimented by the use of the Relaxation Blend, one of the flower essence combinations we offer in our Solutions Shop.

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Reawakening the Mind's Control of Movement,
Flexibility, and Health

By Thomas Hanna
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