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Somatic Exercises for the Neck, Jaw and Skull

by Thomas Hanna PhD

The Somatics - Freeing the Whole Body series addresses the large muscles of the body and does a great job. But, sometimes in life our misery is being generated from smaller muscle groups in seemingly more isolated places like the back of the neck, the jaw, or scalp tension. Also in the study of bioenergetics there is a well known energy break between the head and the body. This is often related to a highly mental stance in life. It also may be characterized by low levels of energy in the body and an inclination to avoid physical exercise. When these things are troubling you it's time to turn to the Somatics Exercises for the Neck, Jaw and Skull series.

I personally can vouch for the effectiveness of these tapes. The one for the neck is phenomenal. I have a birth trauma that shows up as extreme muscle tension at the base of the skull. This can feel literally like a claw grabbing the back of my head. As I do the neck exercises I can actually hear creaking as tightly held muscles release. I feel spaciousness opening up from within. The relief is so great that there is a tendency to skip doing them regularly. So these exercises can be done when the problem arises or in a self imposed program daily for several weeks. The as needed approach will provide definate release and accompanying relief, the second way of diligent application will remove the dysfunctional pattern from the brain.

Sometimes you're just not ready to remove a huge pattern yet you need relief. Somatics can provide either need, either temporary or permanent relief. The exercises for TMJ are very effective, but be advised that if you have severe TMJ you will need to do the exercises daily for at least several weeks, or you will keep having a relapse of the old pattern which is still held in the brain. This can feel like an inner pulling. That is a signal to resume the exercises and apply more commitment. The TMJ exercise is easy and simple.These tapes apparently were made during trainings and so there are sometimes references to muscles unfamaliar to most of us. Just relax and focus on the physical instructions and do your best because it works. Don't be afraid to stop the tape if you need to. This is literally a re-education of the system which will allow you to release the pattern in the brain responsible for TMJ.

I recommend reading the article entitled Getting the Most Out of Your Somatics in order to inspire and educate yourself. As you release a long held pattern there is an uncomfortable period where you are holding both the old pattern and the new one. This feels confusing to the brain and may require awareness to stick with the process. The exercise to free scalp tension was amazing to me. I had no idea I was carrying so much tension in my scalp. The innovator of Somatics claims this can eliminate tension headaches. The neck up can hold a tremendous amount of tension and misery, we invite you to explore new and effective ways to liberate yourself and enhance feelings of well being with this extraordinary four tape set.

Somatics Exercises for the Neck, Jaw and Skull

Somatic Exercises for the Neck, Jaw and Skull

by Thomas Hanna PhD

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