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I am offering two types of sessions by phone. The first type of phone session would be more traditional in format, the issues addressed and direction of the session would be designed by you the client. The other Phonetype of phone session I call Focused Phone Sessions, they have been designed to be highly relevant and effective in targeted or specific ways. Less time is spent on determining the direction and focus of the specific session. These phone sessions are offered in either a one or two hour format.

I also offer custom blended flower essence solutions we call Acorn Solutions to augment these phone sessions. These custom blends are always optional. I have been using them in my work for about ten years now. I have a collection of perhaps one hundred and fifty individual essences which I synergistically combine on an individual basis to support any given process. There is an overview of Vibrational Healing Overview provided at the Self Empowerment Center @ in the Articles section.

PhoneSince many people may only want the one hour phone session I conceived of a way to maximize the benefits for them. These are what I call Focused Phone Sessions. These focused sessions can be either one or two hours, depending on the depth you seek and your current needs.

Focused Phone Sessions

Focus on Clarification Focus on Grounding
Focus on Core Beliefs Focus on Relationships
Focus on Crisis / Opportunity Focus on Soul Loss
Focus on Getting Needs Met Focus on Transpersonal


Traditional Format Phone Session

This a more general type of phone session. This type of session would center largely on what you as the client would like to address. In this type of Phonesession as a Self Empowerment Coach and guide, I try to hear patterns and themes as well as content. More time is spent on identifying the current need perhaps labeling it and then addressing that need. For this type of phone session I would pull from a wide range of possibilities in order to interact with you. I offer the information, technique, or feedback I think will be most helpful and self empowering in response to your needs. Available in either a one or two hour format. Focus Sessions


Focus on Clarification Session

This type of session would be useful for clarifying what issues are emerging for better understanding. The outside world and the inner world will often keep reflecting issues that haven't been fully explored, released or integrated. For the person in all this experience, it may be difficult to see how seemingly diverse incidents and inner experiences may be thematically linked.

This type of session would be helpful for identifying the themes and emotions that are recurring. It also would be useful for seeing how to work with this understanding in order to bring about desired change. Focus Sessions


 Focus on Core Beliefs Session

PhoneFrom time to time we feel frustrated with the way life is going. In many cases this feeling can become more or less constant. For those who are ready to look lovingly to themselves as the source of frustration, I offer a core belief session.

This type of session would help identitify what type of beliefs would be reflected in the frustrating or painful pattern or patterns. There also may be a need to understand where a certain belief came from. There also might need to be a recognition of some unmet need that is being partially filled by holding such a belief.

The last part of the session would then address ways to "move through" the stuck patterns. This might involve any of a number of techniques designed to assist in releasing patterns and creating new more life affirming ones.

The subject of core beliefs is deep and rich. A one hour session will likely help create change, but a two hour more in depth exploration would probably be most helpful. It is also possible to work periodically with a core belief session because as changes occur more fine tuning of beliefs becomes possible. This is when you begin to consciously create a preferred reality. Focus Sessions


Focus on Crisis / Opportunity Session

Much of my phone work involves crisis/opportunity sessions. The following are some of the things that might put a person into feelings of being overwhelmed or in crisis:

Loss of an important identity.
Emergence of old abuse memories or dreams.

Loss of meaning or feeling.

Dream material or other unusual phenomena of an overwhelming nature.

Images or feelings of destruction.

Kundalini phenomena (energy events within the body)

UFO or other non-ordinary experiences.

Near death experiences.

Losing everything / psychological death.

Relationship losses and failures.

Painful patterns.

Feeling stuck.

Extreme anxiety.
Disturbing psychic experiences.

PhoneAll of these experiences tend to have internal commonalities within that type of experience. Understanding the hidden order and the transformative power of these types of experiences is very comforting and self empowering. I invite you to join me with the purpose of turning crisis into opportunity. Focus Sessions


Focus on Getting Needs Met Session

Some of my worst moments have been those of extreme pain and frustration over not being able to get my needs met. I knew I was an Phoneintelligent good person who treated others well. Yet, again and again I'd be frustrated and hurt. The memory of that kind of pain is very clear for me. I feel a lot of compassion for those who find themselves in this position again and again. Now, years later, I know so much more and desire to help others who know this kind of exquisite frustration.

The vivid memory of that kind of pain compels me to offer a session designed to identify what your deepest needs are. The next step would be to understand the patterned behaviors and thoughts that frustrate you. This often involves clarifying deeply held beliefs. This understanding can then be employed in order to release or change the limiting pattern. When a pattern is released it's important to reprogram. That means changing thoughts, beliefs and behaviors. This type of session will help identify where you hold the power to maximize positive change. Focus Sessions


  • Focus on Grounding Session

  • Sometimes people who work at a deeper level feel flooded by strong energies. These transformational energies can be extremely helpful, providing the organism stays grounded and present.

    There are many specific things that assist the grounding process. In addition it's often necessary to reality test periodically. As we open to the "big picture" we can be swept into all the possibilities and lose sight of where our thoughts might be getting ungrounded.

    This type of session may be of assistance to those who want to ground Phonetheir process. It might help in discovering limiting beliefs that cause ungroundedness. Also people who are experiencing limited results in creating their own reality might consider the possibility of an underlying cause of ungroundedness. Focus Sessions


     Focus on Relationships Session

    Patterns definitely tend to repeat, especially in relationships. Often we feel helpless to change shared patterns. Each partner resents being the first to change. Often we blame other and focus energy and life force on trying to bring about change there. We try to derive security from another fallible human being. These patterns are exhausting and unrewarding.

    BearsThis type of session will help you focus on your end of the relationship. This is where you actually do have some control. How are you contributing to the perpetuation of the pattern? Might you do or think something else?. Is there a way to examine the pattern and understand what is happening in a different way?

    Pattern busting relies on recognition and awareness. In any patterned behavior there is always a moment when we begin to participate in our end of such. That is the moment when awareness can change everything. This Heartsession can help in identifying that moment and then recognizing it when stuff is happening. It also may be useful for exploring other choices and which ones might work best. There might also be recommendations for a flower essence formula or some other vibrational solution or tools.

    Services @ LightSeed.comWhether we like it or not, it is the one who is most uncomfortable who must begin the change process. Accepting this helps a great deal. What do you really believe you deserve in relationships? How might your thoughts and feelings about yourself contribute to repetitive patterns? Are you doing or saying self defeating things? How are you handling the unavoidable issue of boundaries?

    If one person refuses to repeat a pattern something new has to happen.Phone This session will help you determine what type of change would be most life affirming, and how to begin movement in that direction.

    Over the years people who loved my work have invited me into their couple world. I have seen that this work can be very effective in helping couples. I also offer to work with both individuals within a relationship, whether that relationship be romantic or not. I usually do this by speaking to each person individually. At a certain point it Heartmight be effective to do a conference call, but in most cases a lot can be achieved working with the individuals involved in a coordinated fashion. Focus Sessions


    Focus on Soul Loss Session

    There are many events that contribute to soul loss. Earliest contributing factors may be birth trauma, insufficient bonding, loss or abandonment/adoption. As life unfolds there are accidents, betrayals and abuse. All these factors can result in a loss of vital connection to the life process. Depression, anxiety and repetitive self defeating patterns or addictions often result.

    This type of session would focus on where the big shocks happened. It would also help determine things like what kind of emotions may still be held within the mind/body/spirit/emotional system. There also might need to be a recognition of how trauma contributed to the formation of false or limited beliefs about self, others, and God.

    The last part of this kind of session would involve practical help in releasing, processing, and integrating this type of experience. Although it may not resolve everything, it will result in the development of a plan of action and suggestions of tools and techniques to deepen the journey of self understanding and soul recovery. Focus Sessions


    Focus on Transpersonal Session

    Some people are experiencing strange dreams, unusual experiences, energy sensations, psychic manifestations,and new thoughts. The current framework in psychology may not be very helpful with this type of material and experience. It is useful to talk to someone who has experience with helping those dealing with these types of expansion experiences.

    This type of session can provide an overview for what is happening as well as a great deal of comfort. There are effective ways to work with processes that go beyond the personal ego identity. Context and validation are what support the successful completion of a transpersonal process. I have spent many hundreds of hours helping people empower themselves as they effectively deal with these types of challenges. It is all purposeful. Focus Sessions

    My name is Bobbi Gay and I have over one thousand hours of specialized training as a Self Empowerment Coach and guide with various methods of deep healing. I consider myself a guide or facilitator of personal growth and healing as well as a communicator of new ideas. This means that I assist the unfoldment that can only come from self empowerment within the individual.

    In order to aide this process I draw on many wonderful techniques as well as my own intuition. Every session varies as we move fluidly from one method to another in order to deepen the exploration and healing. Improvisation and bold exploration characterize these sessions. Marked change and inner satisfaction generally result, often after one session. I invite you to explore the mystery that is you!

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