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The music of Ray Lynch stimulates my soul and I can actually feel stirring and emotionality each time I listen. Of all the music that I was exposed to in my training this touches my heart to the core. It was while listening to Ray Lynch that a number of deep mystical heart openings occurred for me. This music "calls out" to the soul, it calms the spirit and provides uplitment. I call this kind of music "deep heart", because the type of heart frequency that it stimulates is a pure state.

It is the premise of this web site that we are more powerful than we think. We can choose positive influences and enjoy the resulting upliftment, just as easily as we can wallow in misery and play breakup music during a loss. We can cooperate with uplifting music by opening energetically to it's influence. By staying open we can minimize the damage of loss.

This music just reaches into my heart center and gently releases constriction and heaviness. It melts through my defenses and warms me from the inside out. It can be the trigger for a release of pent up constriction in the heart area which may express as emotional clearing. The music of Ray Lynch is highly recommended for anyone who is desiring to open the heart or deepen the connection to soul. I feel deeper and wider when I listen to it. I notice a definite tugging and upliftment from the chest sometimes. The music tugs at me and calls forth the soul's warmth and sweetness.

My two favorites are Deep Breakfast and No Blue Thing. This music also stimulates the higher centers that process and experience spiritual experiences. The pure music of Ray Lynch will energetically entrain your heart and uplift you if you allow it. If I was only going to use one cd. to program higher states I would choose one of the two mentioned above. It is also excellant for some kinds of meditation and also for massage or bodywork.

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Deep Breakfast
by Ray Lynch
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