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A Modern History of Flower Essences

by Bobbi Gay

The founder of modern day flower essences is generally considered to be Edward Bach a well respected traditionally trained English physician, as well as a homeopath. Bach had achieved great success as a bacteriologist but felt a mission to do more. He devoted the last six years of his life, beginning in 1930 to the development of flower essences. He gave up a financially lucrative practice in order to further embody his deeply held beliefs. He wanted to provide an inexpensive solutions for life's sufferings.

Bach believed that our greatest purpose on earth was to embody our spiritual essence or soul and to operate from this Soul Self. Disease he as he it saw, was a signal to the personality from the soul. This signal indicated where in life a personality had strayed from its Soul source.

As a traditional medical doctor he noticed that certain emotions and disharmonies of the thought life tended to manifest as certain illnesses. He saw connections between certain negative world views and illness. He set about creating a series of remedies designed to alter certain world views or negative emotions in a positive way.

The philosophy underlying this was simple. We all possess a "perfect pattern" which could be thought of as our soul's pattern for our life and health. Flower essences aligned the person taking them with the perfect pattern. As a result symptoms subside and joy and balance follow. It was Bach's intention to empower individuals with the capacity to positively impact their life with an inexpensive tool. He developed thirty eight Bach Flower Remedies to address the concerns of his day.

Today practitioners worldwide are creating new and evolving remedies. As we all face a new millennium the issues we must confront differ from Bach's day. We all must learn how to empower ourselves so we can then contribute our unique gifts to our changing world. Many of the new essences address new soul concerns as we wake up to who we are and realize that we create the world we all share.

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