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Process for Shifting Limiting Belief Patterns

by Bobbi Gay

1. Identify the pattern you wish to change. Ex. " I want to stop being such a people pleaser."

2. Ease into the shift by non judgmental observing yourself in the pattern. Ex. "I notice that whenever I see any expression of disapproval on someone's face, I feel weaker inside and I get a little anxious. Then without re-centering I start saying things to placate or I offer to do too much." This is a powerful part of the process because it is with awareness that I go from my pattern doing me, to me doing a pattern. It opens the door to choice, and empowerment. It's only a pattern, it's not you on the fundamental level. This observation process can involve days or weeks.

3. Ask yourself what it is you must be believing in order to create or attract the pattern. Ex. "I must think her disapproval can hurt me in some way."

4. Set the intention to release the pattern that no longer serves you. Process how it is that you create the pattern. If the pattern is a shared pattern, like couples often have, concentrate on your individual contribution to the overall pattern. What are you doing that you might be able to change? It is important to focus on your part of the pattern, because that's all you really can control. If your happiness is contingent on getting someone else to change, you are disempowered. Paradoxically however, I can testify that when you focus on your part, often without discussion things change. Ex. " I am aware that it is in the moment of time between when I see disapproval and when I start talking nervously that the pattern can be interrupted. I create much of this with my nervous chatter."

5. Have a look at the belief you want to change and consciously choose a new belief. Become familiar with the new belief and how it would change your life for the better. Ex. My happiness stems from me, I don't need the approval of others. That means I can paint my room purple. That means I could go back to school. That means I can take up painting, whether I am naturally talented or not."

6. Set an intention to release whatever it is that would hold you back from embracing the new belief. Ex. "Higher Self, I am willing to release all that holds me back from my new belief."

7. Allow thoughts, memories, associations, emotions, and whatever other material wants to flush to come up. Sometimes this may require expressing some emotion. Sometimes it may require understanding something in order to move on. Sometimes circumstances may replicate in the outer world, just what you need to move an understanding from the abstract level to a more concrete one. This is where the inner guidance becomes very intimate and specific to the individual. This is likely to be the most time consuming part of the process. It may require that you weep about times you felt extreme disapproval. It may mean remembering a time when the disapproval of another constituted abandonment. Conversely, your unfoldment may bring you a freeing experience so that you can encode a positive experience.

8. Affirm the new belief whenever dealing with the old pattern. Ex. "I notice I'm going into people pleaser mode, so I'll affirm that my happiness and security come from within."

9. Choose a new behavior. This is important !! It's necessary to stay grounded, and conscious action is very grounding during any shift. It's less important than people think to pick the perfect alternative action. I take great comfort in the fact that what really counts is interrupting the pattern. Refinements can come later. Ex. "Today when I sense disapproval, I'll just try saying nothing. I'll focus on breathing and centering." This can be learned from the Somatic's tape called Calm and Energize. What you do differently doesn't have to be the smoothest most powerful alternative. It simply has to interrupt the pattern.

10. Take time to pleasantly review the results of the change in behavior. The cool thing about setting the goal of pattern interruption is, that even if the first attempt at change doesn't bring a preferred result one can enjoy the fact that the pattern was interrupted. Ex. "I am pleased that when my mother in-law made that face, I didn't scold my boy. Her displeasure is hers, I know what's best for my son." Make reveling in any positive changes a priority as the process unfolds. Ex. "I can get up today and read the newspaper and relax, because I didn't compulsively volunteer as bus monitor today. No field trip in the heat for me today." This can be noticed in differing forms, several times as the day unfolds.

The recommended sequence is just what I think works. Results often occur without attention to all these details. This is an alive process and it always has it's own intelligence. Sometimes it only requires awareness, or the release of some emotion, and change becomes easy and natural. Your own inner map is just for you, as is your personal guidance. The whole sequence is optimal I believe, but you may need to acclimate to the process a little first. Just get familiar with the elements of the process and give yourself time.

If it seems too overwhelming just self observe for a while, maybe even months. Your inner being will gently begin to show you the map. If you have had a hard life, you can ask inner being to be gentle and deliberate with you. This is really the process of recovering authentic Self. It definitely gets easier with time and experience. This kind of process is inherently rewarding, even when it's tough going.

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