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Beyond the Brain
Birth, Death and Transcendence in Psychotherapy

by Stanislav Grof M.D.


In Association with Amazon.comBeyond the Brain is my Bible for understanding the deep psyche. Stan Grof is pure genius, and in my opinion this is his best book. I had read hundreds of psychologically oriented books by the time I found this book. Bells went off and I felt tremendous excitement when I read Beyond the Brain. It explained things that no psychological theory could for example:

Triangle How aggression and sexuality become fused, creating rapists and sexual fixations
Triangle Why emotional release is so central to getting unstuck
Triangle How birth trauma creates patterns of thought and behavior
Triangle Birth imprints and the four stages of birth
Triangle How ESP might work
Triangle Quantum reality and its implications for human beings
Triangle Experiential therapy and its special qualities
Triangle The transpersonal realms and how to access them for healing
Triangle Birth trauma and its role in the creation of serial killers
Triangle How releasing the tremendous energies of a difficult birth results in freedom
Triangle The role of breath in healing
Triangle The role of physicalized expressions in releasing stuck energy
Triangle The architecture of emotional disorders

Beyond the Brain provides a map for the unconscious that illuminates a lot of phenomena that has remained unexplained since the origins of psychology. In addition it provides a context for the psychology of the new millennia. This is a bold and satisfying attempt to explain some of mysteries man has grappled with since time began. Things such as the origins of violent behavior and the importance of death rebirth in human life are some of the explanations.

When I first read Beyond the Brain I was electrified, and quickly tracked down the only training program endorsed by Grof, that of Jacquelyn Small. During my training I had a six-day module with Grof. I believe his intellect is the most powerful I've ever encountered. One of his great strengths is he remains unflinching when faced with phenomena that doesn't fit the psychological models he was taught. Another strength is he is willing to not control but guide the process when it goes deep. That takes courage and the ability to hold one's center.

Someday he will be viewed as important to psychology in the way Freud and Jung are. The work he does is the most powerful experiential work I've ever encountered. The man knows what he's talking about, and people feel great relief after working with him. Beyond the Brain has been my guide, no matter how intense things get when I work experientially with folks I can trust the process because I have internalized this book, and because I have seen time and time again that the process works in a wonderfully healing way.

I recommend this to any serious student of psychology. I have read it five times, myself. It requires some serious attention so know that it is not light reading. Grof is one of the founders along with Abraham Maslow of the transpersonal school of psychology. He is keenly interested in human potential, and was scholar in residence for about a decade at Esalen the famous human potential center in California. Grof has written many books all high quality and has contributed something like a hundred journal articles to the field of psychology.

In Association with Amazon.comBeyond the Brain
Birth Death and Transcendence in Psychotherapy

by Stanislav Grof M.D.
Order # 0873958993
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Other books by Stanislav Grof: M.D.

Psychology of the Future :
Lessons from Modern Consciousness Research
(Suny Series in Transpersonal and Humanistic Psychology) -
This accessible and comprehensive overview of the work of Stanislav Grof, one of the founders of transpersonal psychology, was specifically written to acquaint newcomers with his work. Serving as a summation of his career and previous works, this entirely new book is the source to introduce Grof's enormous contributions to the fields of psychiatry and psychology, especially his central concept of holotropic experience, where holotropic signifies "moving toward wholeness."

In Association with Amazon.comPsychology of the Future :
by Stanislav Grof M.D.
Order # 0791446220
In Association with



Adventures in Self Discovery - This is less like a textbook and would be great for the general reader interested in a basic understanding of the work. It also recounts many internal experiences that actually occurred during experiential sessions. Fascinating and written by an expert.

In Association with Amazon.comThe Adventures of Self Discovery
by Stanislav Grof M.D.
Order # 0887065414
In Association with



The Holotropic Mind : The Three Levels of Human Consciousness and How They Shape Our Lives - by Stanislav Grof MD

The Holotropic Mind offers insight into how complex and seemingly magical we all are. Grof explains in a straightforward way the meat of all his theoretical work. He uses many real life examples of stories coming from explorers of deep mind. The Holotropic Mind is an eye opener for those who feel stuck with the mainstream model of psychology.

In Association with Amazon.comThe Holotropic Mind
by Stanislav Grof M.D.
Order # 0062506595
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Spiritual Emergency When Personal Transformation Becomes a Crisis

Christina Grof is the founder of the Spiritual Emergence Network or SEN. This is a group dedicated to helping people who are overwhelmed by transformational energies and experiences. The book attempts to guide and encourage those who might otherwise be labeled and warehoused in the mental health system. It demonstrates that processes that might be labeled mental illness, are sometimes highly transformative events if handled with love and respect. In this book Stanislav Grof compiled writings from some fine minds on issues related to Spiritual Emergency.

In Association with Amazon.comSpiritual Emergency
When Personal Transformation Becomes a Crisis
Edited by Stanislav Grof M.D.
Order # 0874775388
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The Stormy Search for the Self - by Stanislav and Christina Grof

The Stormy Search for the Self has its genesis in the violent and overwhelming process of Christina Grof. Based on their own experiences the Grof's make sense of difficult and deep transformative processes. They tell about the range of experiences that can occur when people are flooded with transformational energies. It provides wisdom and context for anyone who is in such a process, as well as their loved ones. If you've ever wondered what goes on when people process deeply, if you'd like a window into the transpersonal at it's most dramatic, this is the book to read

Stormy Search for the Self
by Stanislav Grof M.D. and Christina Grof
Order # 0874775531
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In Association with Amazon.comThe Cosmic Game
Explorations of the Frontiers of Consciousness
by Stanislav Grof M.D.
Order # 0791438767
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Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science - Edited by Stanislav Grof MD

One of the things Grof is highly interested in is how ancient wisdom is being corroborated by new understandings from science. If you find this subject interesting Grof delivers the goods.

Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science
by Stanislav Grof M.D.
Order # 0874775531
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Human Survival and Consciousness Evolution by Stanislav Grof MD

This is a collection of the brightest thinkers on the subject of death and human consciousness evolution. This is very thought provoking.

Human Survival and Consciousness Evolution
by Stanislav Grof M.D.
Order # 0887065279
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Books of the Dead
Manuals for Living and Dying (Art and Imagination)
by Stanislav Grof M.D.

Order # 0500810419
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LSD Psychotherapy - by Stanislav Grof M.D.

Stan Grof was approached by the makers of LSD, and asked to partake in experimenting with the drug. Sandoz the company felt the drug could be very useful for healing the psyche. At the time nothing was known about LSD. Grof found in his work with both psychologically healthy and mentally ill people, that amazing results occurred. He concluded that LSD acted as an unspecific catalyst and amplifier of unconscious processes. That means that whatever had the most unfinished charge within the psyche tended to come up in clinical sessions for resolution. The resolutions were deep. When LSD was made illegal, even for research purposes, Grof went on to develop a technique that delivered similar results in a holistic way that process is called Holotropic Breathwork.
Out of Print


Realms of the Human Unconscious -Stanislav Grof M.D. Probably the world's foremost expert on the unconscious explains the contents and organization of unconscious material.
Out of Print


The Human Encounter with Death -Stanislav Grof M.D. Grof chronicles human attitudes toward death throughout history.
Out of Print


Beyond Death - by Stanislav and Christina Grof
Out of Print


In Association with Amazon.comThe Transpersonal Vision
The Healing Potential of Nonordinary States of Consciousness
by Stanislav Grof MD
Order # 1564556077
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Beyond the Brain
Birth Death and Transcendence in Psychotherapy

By Stanislav Grof MD

Order # 0873958993
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