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Getting the Most Out of Your Flower Essences

by Bobbi Gay


Flower essences are probably the gentlest way to effect positive change in your life. They work by aligning the energy system of the body with the Higher Self or perfect pattern. Symptoms are viewed as congestion or misalignment with this template of perfect health and joy. Edward Bach the modern father of flower essence therapy was a medical doctor who noticed certain illnesses were associated with an imbalance in certain emotions and attitudes. He developed a homeopathic type of intervention. The flower essences tweak the energy field and encourage a realignment with wholeness. When a person is aligned with their Higher Self, symptoms release. That is because the energetic congestion associated with the symptom dissolves and life-force is reestablished.

Flower essences often produce good results without much awareness being brought to our patterns. This is most easily verified by the fact that children and pets respond positively to them. Bringing awareness to the use of flower essences can greatly facilitate positive change and satisfaction, however. They have a highly individualized impact on people. Understanding how they might operate in your psyche can help you to identify and heighten the benefits. Sometimes they eliminate negative symptoms and sometimes they require more personal investment in creating positive change.

These amazing little solutions can work in a number of ways to create support and change:

  • Heightens awareness of one's patterns as well as making creation of a new pattern more possible
  • Deeply facilitates work with affirmations
  • Allows deep insights into causes of patterns, allow yourself to accept and take in the insights generated internally when taking flower essences
  • Uplifts and inspires new possibilities-Eases changes, making them feel more natural
  • Stimulates the release of problematic emotions this may take the form of flushing or dissipation
  • Balances energy within the mind/body/emotional/spiritual system
  • Releases shock from the system
  • Instilling more positive emotions

I have seen flower essences have an immediate effect, and I also have seen changes occur gradually over time as awareness increases. It is vital to take your flower essences frequently to get the best effect. You will probably notice benefits even if you take them less frequently. In general their effect is to lighten you up and make you feel more in the flow. Unless you remain aware of this you can stop taking them and fail to notice the subsequent return to the old patterns.

They can be taken a few drops at a time under the tongue. They can be tried directly on the skin and in compresses and bath water. If you feel the essences have stirred things up and resolution is slow in coming, you may want to consider a personal phone session with Bobbi Gay, information on that is in the Services section of the Self Empowerment Center @ LightSeed.com. Or you could call 860 376-3930 and leave a message.

We here at the Self Empowerment Center @ LightSeed.com encourage you to follow through with the commitment to yourself that will make the difference, by bringing extra awareness to your issues and feelings.

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