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Brainwave Suite

Dr Jeffery Thompson

In Association with Amazon.comThis CD series is cutting edge sound technology. It is based on the notion that music can be used to entrain the brain, thus bringing it into certain frequency ranges predictably. There are four brainwave states that we commonly experience. The first would be the one most familiar to us, that being beta states. Beta states roughly correspond with egoic states characterized by everyday awareness. This state tends to be focused on the outer. As a habitual way of being in the world, it is disempowering because the focus outward removes the individual as their own locus of control. You lose yourself as the center of your life.

It is when we expand into more open states of awareness that we experience less tension and more well being. That is because we feel more of our Inner Being when we are in the states known as alpha, and theta. These states tend to be characterized by feelings of warmth and relaxation. In these states we can glimpse and even apprehend what the mystics have always been telling us. That everything is perfect just the way it is!

These CDs are designed to guide you into these states of openness and expansion. I know they work because I use them often. In addition I use them as background when doing group or individual guided imageries, and they predictably assist people to get into these states. The genius behind this technology has figured out how to combine these frequencies in order to get a specific effect.

The last brainwave state is the state of deepest relaxation called Delta; this is sleep and its related states. For those who need to get to sleep, or work with self-programming, theta and delta work best.

CD One - Alpha: Track 1 - Alert Relaxation, excellent for relaxing and enhancing concentration and productivity. Track 2 - Meditation and deeper states of relaxation.

CD Two - Theta: Track 1 - Insight and Intuition, enhances vivid imagery and mental clarity, this is the one I use for guided journeys. Track 2- Creativity and Inspiration, excellent for artistic endeavors and getting in touch with creativity.

CD Three -Delta - Track 1 - Letting go of stress, reduces physicalized tension and stimulates the relaxation response. This one really works at a deep level and yet it isn't tiring if you are using it for self-calming during a particularly stressful time. If you are using it to reach sleep brainwave states it will work that way. Track 2 - Rejuvenating sleep, Ocean and dolphin sounds help you quiet the active mind and achieve deeply restful sleep. This works well for most people.

CD Four: Alpha Theta - Track 1- Emotional openness, relaxing rainfall feels cozy, opens to empathy, compassion and openness. Good as background in a work environment. Track 2 - Intimate Communication - Allows you to surrender to your sensitivities and be rewarded with feelings of merging in a mutually beneficial way. I use this when Alan and I are working with a card system like the Relationship Cards or Tarot of the Spirit. It's natural and nice.

In Association with Amazon.com
Brainwave Suite
by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson
Order # B000001OOP
4 CD's In Association with Amazon.com
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