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The Joy of Relationship Cards
A Guide for Clarity and Fulfillment

by John Grey Ph.D. and Bonney Meyer


My partner Alan and I have been using the Joy of Relationship Cards for years. I even bring them with me when we travel. I have studied a lot of couples literature and this is some of the best. This is great for couples who would like to begin an exploration together. The Joy of Relationship Cards would also be great for those who have a lot of psychological insight and can appreciate the quality and the synchronicity at work when you use these cards. You can choose one or more cards applying your own designations or do one of the layouts, which are described in the companion book.

The Joy of Relationship Cards are above average in quality. Rich colors clearly defined images and high gloss finish. The author is the other John Grey Ph.D. and Bonney Meyer. The clarity is amazingly helpful and intelligent. Each card clearly addresses some aspect of couple concerns. I'd recommend getting a set and calling it an investment in your relationship. I lend mine to clients who need more bonding, because they really do work that way.


The Joy of Relationship Cards
A Guide for Clarity and Fulfillment

by John Grey Ph.D. and Bonnie Meyer
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