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Tarot of the Spirit

by Pamela Eakins Ph.D.


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This is my personal favorite book on Tarot. The Tarot of the Spirit is written with great spiritual perspective. I have found it useful in understanding both the practical and archetypal dimensions of my process. The synchronicity when I use this book blows me away. At times the Tarot of the Spirit has provided strength and a focus during some really hard stuff. For those with a strong spiritual focus I strongly recommend Tarot of the Spirit this book is a massive and exhaustive effort.

One of the things I really like about this book, is that each card has a small synopsis offered before the in depth part. Over time I have noticed that this synopsis is an excellent condensation of the much meatier version. In addition this little section seems to always contain the most vital parts that I need to remember. When I'm very tired or a little overwhelmed I focus on the introductory blurb and I get a lot. I recommend recording the date, the card or cards chosen and key things that are emphasized by the author, or that stick out at you. I just keep a blue notebook by the bed where I keep my cards and book.

The sister of the author created the companion card deck to this book. Her name is Joyce Eakins. The Tarot of the Spirit is a small deck making it easy to handle, shuffle and cut. It also can easily be carried and stored with the book. The art is ephemeral and otherworldly. The images are complex and detailed. There is a definite sense that the deck and the book go together and are integrated. In the book earth, wind, water and fire substitute the traditional designations of cups, swords, pentacles and wands. For this reason the companion deck eliminates confusion, as its organized and named the same way.

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Tarot of the Spirit:
New Set Book & Deck (Cards)

by Pamela Eakins Ph.D.
Order # 0880797452
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Tarot of the Spirit
by Pamela Eakins Ph.D.
Order # ISBN 0877287309
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Tarot of the Spirit Deck
by Joyce Eakins
Order # 0880795441
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