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Ascension Harmonics
Sacred Attunements through Music

Richard Shulman and Samuel Welsh


The music on this C.D. or tape is designed to impart energetic adjustments or Divine Template Empowerments to the listener.

In many circles people are talking about ascension. There are many ideas about what this means. I think it has to do with our old identities being too limited for the future. Ascension means to me that there is recognition that each of us is a part of the divine and that we have much more capacity to create than has ever been dreamed up till now.

Ascension to me means that more of the energy body is lighting up. It means shifting one's identity to that of spirit. To do that we need to be able to hold and integrate higher more refined energies. These energies cannot be held and used purposefully without some clearing and grounding of the body's energies.

This music assists the listener in activating their ascension body gently and deliberately. It comes with guidance on how to use intention when working with the music. My experience of this is that it is an authentic transformational tool, created by a wise and inspired musician. When working with the more gentle transformative tools, I think repetition is important to remember. It is similar to gently tweaking the system in the direction of wholeness.

Some of the issues addressed by the music are:


The music is good quality and could be listened to in a casual way and it probably would still be beneficial. Yet, there is no substitute for human intentionality. If you bring intentionality to your experience with Ascension Harmonics you will get a better result. Happy Ascension, may you create your own heaven on earth!

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Ascension Harmonics
by Richard Shulman
Order # B00004X0CY
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