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Bio-Energetic Psychotropic Music

Boris Mourashkin

In Association with Amazon.comThis two CD or tape set, Bio-Energetic Psychotropic Music, is the creation of Boris Mourashkin a composer, poet and healer. The music is designed to energetically release pain and congestion from the body. He has traveled to remote regions in order to study shamans and the sounds they use for healing. At a certain point in his own life he found himself in severe chronic pain and as a musician he noticed certain sounds resulted in pain reduction. This launched him on the pursuit of his excitement, which is to discover how to eliminate pain and stimulate the immune system with music.

I used this music from Bio-Energetic Psychotropic Music when I sprained my ankle and it did reduce the pain. I'd like to impart something people should know, however. With me it actually heightened the pain before releasing it. In energy work this is common, so don't feel alarmed it the first response is one of more aching and heightened awareness of the body. I tend to think it had something to do with how fresh the injury was. I was able to walk on it afterwards, something I was unable to do prior to listening to Bio-Energetic Psychotropic Music. I would say the modest price compared to so many other things, coupled with the fact that it's a holistic non invasive approach make it a good investment for anyone with chronic pain. The music is appealing to boot. Comes with a 12-page booklet explaining the music.


In Association with Amazon.com

Bio-Energetic Psychotropic Music
by Boris Mourashkin
Order #B000001OOX
In Association with Amazon.com
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