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Reach for the Rainbow
Advanced Healing for Survivor's of Sexual Abuse

by Lynne D Finney MSW


In Association with Amazon.comIn my training and subsequent to that, I have worked extensively with people who were sexually abused. One thing I've noticed is that many people feel ready to move beyond seeing themselves as a victim and yet they don't have much information on how to do that. Reach for the Rainbow - Advanced Healing for Survivor's of Sexual Abuse is a book that empowers, by showing you how to "move through " the stuck places. As one who works with emotions a great deal I can tell you the information is solid and ultra empowering.

Reach for the Rainbow helps people to recognize the patterns that abuse victims can get stuck in. It raises awareness, which allows for a felt shift. It explains how to work with stuck emotional energy in a clear and trustworthy way. It addresses finding good therapy. It offers many self-help tools and techniques. This work is so good that we also offer the two tape set by Lynne Finney called Clearing Your Past.

If you are ready to get the body stuff cleared out, this will help. If you want more empowering ideas, this will help. The techniques taught in Reach for the Rainbow are mostly very gentle interventions. For those seeking more catharsis or active emotional releases we recommend the two-tape set called Clearing Your Past by Lynne Finney. The deepest kind of cathartic work is not recommended for anyone with a diagnosis of manic depressive disorder or other serious psychiatric disorder such as schizophrenia.

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Reach for the Rainbow
Advanced Healing for Survivors of Sexual Abuse

By Lynne D Finney MSW

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