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Shame - Less Blend

The Acorn Solution called Shame - Less Blend was designed to free you from the toxic and life damaging effects of shame. There is a strong connection between shame and compulsivity. It is difficult to feel joy when shame is a big part of your life. We don't talk about shame much in our culture so first I'd like to say a few things about it.

Shame has some familiar patterns to it. First of all it tends to make a person feel damaged or not good enough. It also can make the person carrying it feel like they want to become invisible or disappear. When people are highly activated and in shame they will often want to curl up in a ball and disappear. They feel it mainly in the solar plexus and will often shield or protect that area with their hands and arms. The tendency to cling or isolate under pressure is also part of the pattern. Isolating at least in part has to do with the pain of being seen. Shame is very damaging to relationships.

There is especially within the recovery movement a lot of recognition that many behaviors are what we called shame-based behaviors. This is generally acting out in many forms. When shame is activated the person seeks release in addictive rituals and substances. This is because shame is a particularly painful emotion.

Shame - Less Blend may work in one of two ways and I would like to prepare those who use it in advance. The first way is not experienced as a problem, that is a gentle well-paced release of shame accompanied by new insights, or new ways of being in the world. But shame is very toxic to the spirit and it doesn't always clear so gently. It may result in a healing crisis or purging of feelings. This isn't clear to the person at the time; instead they may feel extra sensitive and pain filled. The dilemma here is that to live with it stinks and yet releasing can be painful. I strongly suggest good counseling if this happens to you. This should be with someone who is intimately familiar with shame. I offer phone sessions for this kind of situation, but it takes self-awareness to break through the isolating behaviors and reach out. You may want to consider setting up an appointment for a phone session, to land approximately one week into your use of Shame - Less Blend.

Jammed emotions and negative self-talk are big features of shame. Shaming others is also common. Shame represents a disconnect from the soul's compass. I strongly stress the importance of having the willingness to get some good help if you experience strong or overwhelming feelings of shame, or if your self talk becomes more negative with Shame - Less Blend. You need someone who is not in that loop to guide you through the releasing process. I recommend a thoughtful and self-loving approach to releasing shame. Have a plan that includes so good solid support. Bust out of the patterns of isolation and negativity. Good Luck!

One ounce cobalt blue dropper bottle

Shame - Less Blend comes in a one-ounce cobalt blue dropper bottle. $20 Add2cart

A small empty dropper bottle for the purse or pocket is $2.00 Add2Cart

Suggested affirmation: "I'm freeing myself from the shame that has kept me small."


  1. For a better understanding of shame I suggest reading Healing the Shame That Binds You by John Bradshaw. In Association with
  2. Smudge is very good for shame. The smudge I like is cedar and sage bundled with a cord. You can burn it and wave it around the body; this is widely available in New Age shops and some health food stores.
  3. Negative self-talk has to be interrupted for shame to be permanently released. Write a list of the things you say to yourself that are shame based. Become very familiar with that list so you can snap to attention and notice the increase or intensity that signals a downward shame spiral.
  4. Understanding and expressing emotions is vital for this process to work. The articles called Emotional Factoids and Processing Emotion will help you with that.
  5. A Phone Session with me concerning your shame issues would be a great support while going through a deep release process. The problem with shame is that it undermines perspective and judgement.

Shame - Less Blend
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