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Balance Oil Blend

The Balance Oil Blend is an essential oil compound that combines several high quality essential oils and flower essences to maximize and heighten results. The base for this blend is pure food quality almond oil. Into this base we introduce carefully chosen flower essences and essential oils. Balance Oil Blend can be applied to the temples, ankles, wrists or throat. It can be added to bathwater just a few drops or added into a compress. As with all essential oils you should never place it in your mouth or swallow any of it.

Caution:Oil Blends NOT to be swallowed. Do NOT take internally!

What you can expect from this Balance Oil Blend is a sense of more balance and order on all the levels of being. These levels are physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. If you are too hyped up it will tend to help you modulate and find your center. If you are too disorganized and unmotivated it will help you coalesce your personal power. It tends to create more order which feels better than imbalance.

Application should be frequent when very stressed, every fifteen minutes is ideal. On normal days a therapeutic application might be a few drops on the temples and wrists five times daily. For everyday practicality we recommend purchasing a small bottle for on the go. I leave my large bottle near the night stand, from that I take the morning and evening application. I then refill the small bottle as needed and take it with me. I try to remember to take the small bottle three times throughout the day. Results would probably be fine with three daily applications if it came to it, the five is an ideal, so don't be unneccesarily rigid, make it flow.This is a good way to establish a viable self nurturing routine.

Caution: Balance Oil Blend NOT to be swallowed. Do NOT take internally!

Balance Oil Blend comes in a one ounce cobalt blue dropper bottle, the dropper allows you to deposit a drop or two on the finger tips or palm of the hand. This is a vibrational remedy so it is important to not touch the dropper as it might affect the vibrational pattern of the blend. You can wash the dropper in soap and water, rinse carefully and dry if it should become contaminated. I suspend the dropper inches above my hand as a practice.

Balance Oil Blend in a one ounce cobalt blue dropper bottle is $20 Add2cart

The smaller daily dosage bottle is $2.00 Add2cart Small dropper bottle

We recommend working with an affirmation as a way to maximize your benefits. We offer an appropriate one here, but would encourage you to make your own if you wish to. Affirmations should be stated as if happening in the now as opposed to the future. If you make your own it will be important that the affirmation express that you can create a balance from within.

Suggested Affirmation: "The balance lies within; I can breathe deeply and find the balance."

Supportive resources in finding balance:

  1. One of the simplest things that you can do to achieve a sense of balance is to control your blood sugar. We refer you to the book called Food and Mood in order to understand this subject more fully and in a clear way. In Association with

  2. The book Slowing Down to the Speed of Life is excellant for simplifying and rebalancing your present life. In Association with

  3. Relax and Renew, which focuses on restorative yoga is a book worth looking into, many of the positions are effortless and balance energy, endrocrine system, and physical levels such as muscle. Sometimes especially for those with great trauma a felt experience of balance goes much further then an intellectual understanding. In Association with

  4. I'd also recommend two tape sets for those seeking balance. The first by David Praeger is called Happiness is Serious Problem. In Association with

  5. The second tape set is Don't Sweat the Small Stuff by Richard Carlson MD. These tapes help align the mind in balanced ways. Also available as a book. In Association with

  6. The Somatics book In Association with and various Somatics tapes require more effort than restorative yoga but Somatics produces the deepest sense of muscular release and balance in my opinion.

  7. Steve Halpern's music such as Crystal Suite balances the nervous system when played for enjoyment or background.

Balance Oil Blend
Order # 302-914

Caution: Balance Oil Blend NOT to be swallowed.
Do NOT take internally!

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