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Slowing Down to the Speed of Life
How to Create a More Peaceful, Simpler Life From the Inside Out

by Richard Carlson & Joseph Bailey


In Association with Amazon.comMany years ago I was full of energy and I would be doing physical work all day, come home and do some more. Out of nowhere I went from a state of great strength and vitality to illness and weakness. For two long anguished years I struggled with chronic fatigue. As I look back now I see that this was a huge turning point in my life.

The illness caused me to turn inward. When all that activity ceased I was forced to be alone with myself, at a time when I felt I had little to offer anyone. As the inward path unfolded, I found myself in training environments listening to many people's stories. I realized that almost every person who was exploring new levels of self-understanding and love in a deep way had a similar event or story. There was always something that caused them to disconnect with old ways of being and what people thought in favor of Self.

I now believe that if we refuse to slow down and listen within, we will get a major wake up call, like I did. I could never convey the misery I went through to learn this lesson. We here at The Self Empowerment Center @ wish something better for you. We have learned you can do it easily or you can do it with a struggle, but people are being forced to turn inward and discover who they really are.

Slowing Down to the Speed of Life is all about how to ease into more Self-connection. It will show you how to avoid those heavy and heart-rending wake up calls. The secret of life is that it can only be enjoyed by slowing down and entering into the moment more fully with who you are. Many of the pleasure giving brain chemicals can only be stimulated by interacting with the world from a space of being fully there. These states are subtle and as such can only be apprehended in a relaxed open state.

Chapter Titles in Slowing Down to the Speed of Life:

  • Slowing Down to the Moment
  • Navigating Your Thinking
  • Getting Back to the Moment
  • Stress and Your Innate Mental Health
  • Being Present in Relationships
  • Peaceful Parenting
  • Working Smarter
  • Enjoying Life

I have lived the lessons of Slowing Down to the Speed of Life. Therefore I am confident that what it will teach you is accurate and vital for finding joy in life. We hope whether you buy this book or not you will learn how to slow down and recenter in a gentle way.

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Slowinng Down to the Speed of Life
How to Create a More Peaceful, Simpler Life from the Inside Out

By Richard Carlson & Joseph Bailey
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