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Food and Mood
A Complete Guide to Eating Well and Feeling Your Best

by Elizabeth Somer, M.A., R.D.


In Association with Amazon.comFor those who wonder about making dietary changes, I recommend Food and Mood. This is a comprehensive reference book that explains clearly the connections between well being and specific foods. It deals with psychological and emotional elements of eating and food, as well. I've noticed over the years that some people can handle all kinds of insults to their system, yet others get destabilized and ungrounded much more easily. Reality dictates that they develop heightened awareness. Food and Mood is excellent for those of you who have sensitive bodies. This would be characterized by strong responses to sugar, caffeine, and other substances. Also, if you are easily disturbed during sleep, have a tendency to feel ungrounded, and are overly emotional and reactive to stress and stimuli. I sometimes recommend this book to those who have special needs and challenges. Following are some of the subjects deftly handled in Food and Mood.

Food and Mood is a great reference book, or it can be read cover to cover. It is trustworthy and wise. If you want to know all about the care and feeding of your one and only body invest in this book. This is the wave of the future in that it is a self empowering drug free approach to wholeness and well being. I keep my copy with the cookbooks!! There is more to food education then recipe books, we think nothing of buying a new cookbook and yet think of all the food information we lack.


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Food and Mood
A Complete Guide to Eating Well and Feeling Your Best

By Elizabeth Somer, M.A., R.D.

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