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Computer Fatigue Blend

The Computer Fatigue Blend is a flower essence blend created for people who use the computer heavily. I have noticed that many people who stay at the computer for many hours tend to neglect the body and it's needs. This Acorn Solution has an essence that helps to counteract this tendency by helping to redistribute the body's energies. In other words when we ignore the body and do intense mental tasks or focus on a screen the lifeforce tends to congest in the head. This actually reduces mental clarity. Many people can sense this but can't change it. Computer Fatigue Blend brings the lifeforce through the body and redistributes it throughout the entire system. This creates more body awareness and less self neglect.

In addition we have included an essence that was developed as a response to the nuclear meltdown at Chernobyl it has a protective effect against EMF radiation as well as other types of radiation. It may also be helpful to sit a crystal on top of your computer to reduce electromagnetic radiation. This is something many dowsers, who are energy aware do. Just clear the crystal occasionally by soaking it in salt water or smudging it periodically.

Sitting for long periods tends to create much muscular tension so our last ingredient encourages deep muscle relaxation. It will help the body to resist rigidified tensions. We also recommend getting up and moving around, deep breathing or getting up to get a glass of water. Creating this web site took many hundreds of hours and we practice what we preach. I created Computer Fatigue Blend for myself and now we make it available to all you computer users out there.

One ounce cobalt blue dropper bottle
Computer Fatigue Blend
comes in a one-ounce cobalt blue dropper bottle. $20

Small carry along empty dropper bottles $2.00 Add2cart

Suggested affirmation: "I take care of my body and it takes care of me."


  1. A small crystal can be purchased at a New Age Shop or a Rock Shop. Simply sit it on top of your computer and allow it to modify the energy coming from your computer.

  2. Somatics exercises can literally release muscular holding at the level of the brain where it originates and is maintained. Freeing the Body From the Center Out is an audio tape that will especially address back pain and tension. Neck Jaw Skull is an audio tape which will help the tension in your neck shoulders and head area.

  3. The Calm and Energize tape will teach you several ways to breathe that combat tensions and reorient you to the body through pleasant sensations and warmth. This greatly relieves mental fatigue.

  4. Music can help you to stay in touch with and feel the heart which helps to avoid getting stuck in the head, I recommend the works of Ray Lynch and When you Wish Upon a Star by Daniel Kobielka.

Computer Fatigue Blend
Order # 300-010


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