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Holding Steady Blend

Holding Steady Blend is for those times when we know we are facing an upcoming stress. The Holding Steady Blend helps stabilize all the levels of being, body/mind/spirit/emotions and protects the user energetically. This is useful for exams, court dates, deadlines, presentations, difficult negotiations and other stressful interactions. Holding Steady Blend is most useful when combined with attention to slow even breathing.

A good exercise to use with the Holding Steady Blend is to first recognize that you need to center. Stop whatever you are doing and begin to breathe a little further down in the lungs, slow even breaths. As you start to feel a little less scattered imagine that you are sending a tail down into the core of the Earth. See this as a source of grounding energy, this energy will support and stabilize you. Then notice how your energy feels, usually it will feel dissipated in the area around the body. Sometimes it will feel like a strand that goes out to another person or project. At this point call your energy back and feel it settle up and down the spine. Next, it is time for an affirmation. In this case I would recommend something like; "I can face whatever life gives me."

One ounce cobalt blue dropper bottle
The Holding Steady Blend comes in a one-ounce cobalt blue dropper bottle. $20

The small empty portable dropper bottles can be refilled from the Holding Steady Blend and taken with you throughout the day. $2.00 Add2Cart

Dosage: Four times daily is ideal but do your best!

Suggested affirmation for holding power: "I can face whatever life gives me."


  1. Water is very important when we feel weak. When we are making energy shifts it is vital to drink 6-8 glasses daily.

  2. Grounding is very important; it is possible to have an intimate relationship with mother earth. We receive her energy through our feet and up our legs. Focus on the intimate contact with the Earth we have through the feet. Let your feet feel the earth fully and caress her. To sit on the earth and draw energy up the spine will also have a grounding effect. When you sit on the Earth and lean against a friendly tree and draw strength from it you are grounding. When very tense imagine as you sit on the earth that you are an overcharged battery. Next imagine that you can drain the excess charge into the Earth and let it go. See the energy dropping from the head down the spine and into the Earth from the base of the spine.

  3. One of the single most beneficial things you can do is to learn to regulate your blood sugar through diet. Then even if you don't always eat that way you can keep blood sugar levels steady during challenging periods. This is empowering and stabilizing.
    The Book Food and Mood offers a good understanding of how to do this.
    In Association with
    Check out The Highs and Lows of Your Blood Sugar to view an excellent excerpt about blood sugar regulation.
    Other books that explain this concept are Protein Power
    In Association with
    and The Carbohydrate Addict's Lifespan Diet.
    In Association with

  4. There is a very powerful tape that comes to us from the body of information called Somatics. It is called Calm and Energize and it teaches how to breath more effectively which is very grounding.

  5. Anodea Judith has written two fabulous books about energy and her books offer the best information on the subject of grounding I've found. The first book Wheels of Life In Association with is more basic and therefore more useful to the uninitiated. Her second book goes deeper and is called Eastern Body Western Mind. In Association with If you want to learn more about energy and grounding you can trust the words and wisdom of Anodea Judith!


Holding Steady Blend
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