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Eastern Body Western Mind
Psychology and the Chakra System As a Path to the Self

by Anodea Judith


In Association with Amazon.comThis book is for the deep thinkers who wish to explore the connections between modern depth psychology and Eastern understandings of the energy systems of the body. The author integrates understandings gained from psychology, metaphysics, spirituality, somatic therapies, New Age or New Thought, and Eastern texts. This is a powerful and reliable synthesis of a great deal of eclectic material. I highly recommend this book for those who have achieved a certain level of understanding in either psychology, energy, or metaphysics. It will take your thinking to a deeper more integrated level. This book can be read cover to cover for content, or used as a reference guide. This is a serious treatment of an important subject. Prepare to have your mind stretched and aired out!!

Anodea Judith is the author I most respect when it comes to energy and the chakras. She has a Master's Degree in clinical psychology, as well as training in bioenergetics, trauma recovery, yoga therapy, and other somatic disciplines. This diverse background provides what I think is the most comprehensive approach to understanding the totality of the subject. Anodea Judith understands the energy systems and conveys that beautifully. She also understands from much study and experience how to move and release energy and she offers a menu of choices for people to try. Her discussions about how to ground the physical body as the best I've seen anywhere. Finally she is very astute at recognizing and explaining the connections between unfinished psychological and emotional stuff and the subsequent impact on the energy system and the life.

Her two books on energy are generously written each being approximately five hundred pages. She gives as much specialized information as possible. Her book stabilizes the reader, it is balanced, thoughtful and grounded. Anodea Judith's personhood comes through on every page. Her wisdom and balance come from embodying her beliefs. She is the epitome of integrity, and I would recommend either of her books to any seeker who would like to learn from a master. It is an adventure to read this stuff and they can be used as either a cover to cover read, or as a reference guide.

I can't comment from direct experience about her third book, The Sevenfold Journey: Reclaiming Mind, Body, and Spirit, co-written with Selene Vega. However, if after reading Amazon's blurb, this book has strong appeal, I'm sure it would be a great purchase.


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Eastern Body Westerrn Mind
Psychology and the Chakra System As a Path to the Self

By Anodea Judith

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