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The Challenge Blend is for times when we know we are facing something big, something that intimidates us. Or for times when we feel overwhelmed like we might collapse. I have found that the inner perception that you can't meet the challenge is probably the most damaging part of these scenarios. The Acorn Solution called Challenge Blend will support you and help you to change this inner perception. You will likely notice more of a sense of control or adequacy.

It's important however to work consciously with Challenge Blend because it is a certain type of inner expansion that counteracts the sensation and experience of collapse. This type of experience can be imprinted in the body / mind / spirit and emotional system with practice. It is possible to learn how to face a challenge with a deep breath and a gentle expanding of the chest outward. It is much more difficult to feel like you are collapsing when you are breathing well and expanded.

Studies have shown that the experience of helplessness is crippling. There is even a psychological condition called "learned helplessness," this state is the result of conditioning. If someone is placed in highly stressful situations repeatedly and there is no perceived sense of control, a collapsing response will occur when things get rough. This is especially true in the formative years. The belief system does not allow for any concept of mastery or personal power. This suggests to me that central to meeting the challenge is the belief that you have what it takes to make it through life.

Consciously working with the beliefs will greatly accelerate growth and mastery. It is important to identify the cluster of beliefs concerning helplessness. The core belief may be that life is overwhelming. In addition there might be other beliefs such as:

It is useful to work with an affirmation that encompasses all the related beliefs. It is also helpful to learn how to breathe and center. Also learning how to develop positive self-talk is immensely important. It is the way to compensate for the inner beliefs. As a child no one may have taught you how to think about a challenge, but as an adult you can decide how to interpret events. Here are some thoughts to consider as you learn how to reframe your approach:

Challenge Blend will help you make the kinds of perceptual shifts that support empowerment and change. This Acorn Solution will likely make it easier to find your inner guidance and strength. You can reverse the self-abandonment by learning to think and self talk in new ways.

One ounce cobalt blue dropper bottle
The Acorn Solution called Challenge Blend comes in a one-ounce cobalt blue bottle. $20

Small portable dropper bottle. $2.00 Add2Cart

Suggested affirmation: "I can face whatever life brings me and grow."


  1. The four tape set called Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway is probably the single most helpful tool for learning to meet the challenge. It will literally walk you through many of the changes in perception that lead to success. In Association with
  2. The book Your Body Believes Every Word You Say elegantly illustrates how directly the body responds to disempowering self talk. In Association with
  3. The Process for Shifting Beliefs described in the articles section will help you to work with the limiting beliefs that result in disempowerment.
  4. The Somatics tape Calm and Energize will teach you how to change your breathing patterns when you are stressed.


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Challenge Blend
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