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Your Body Believes Every Word You Say
The Language of Body/Mind Connection

by Barbara Hoffman Levine


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Your Body Believes Every Word You Say - The Language of Body/Mind Connection is a real eye opener for anyone with a body. Those who will like it most are those who seek to know more about body intelligence, those who want to integrate the body and mind, and those who are grappling with illness or difficult symptoms. Barbara Hoffman Levine chronicles her own self-healing as she addressed the underlying issues behind her brain tumor. Most medical doctors now recognize that there is an emotional component to most illnesses. Complimentary and alternative people such as Louise Hay and many others have been exploring the connections between specific thoughts and emotions and bodily symptoms.

Your Body Believes Every Word You Say is even more specific and clear than anything else I've read. It will convince you that the way you speak, especially to yourself really matters. This woman lived through a huge process that made her an expert. She has thoroughly researched her subject matter in the way only someone who lives with pain and disability would do.

The thoughts we hold produce physical results. Your Body Believes Everything You Say. is filled with truly amazing stories, but here is just a brief little story from the book. " One man had his leg amputated below the knee. He had such great difficulty using an artificial leg that he couldn't walk. His skin kept ulcerating, causing a great deal of pain. During a hypnotherapy session he re-created the incident where his leg was lost, recalling his last thought as the leg was blown off: "Now I'll never walk again." Using Miller's guided imagery tape he recreated the accident and imagined a different thought. He told himself repeatedly, "My leg is gone But I shall walk again using an artificial leg." He repeated this affirmation and saw himself walking. Within a few days, the skin on his leg healed, he was freed from pain and was able to wear the prosthesis."

This book shows us clearly how we create our own reality. It shows us how we are unconsciously creating and limiting our life with our thoughts and beliefs. If you're ready to try on some amazing and satisfying new ideas try this book.

P.S. The tape referred to in the story was made by Emmet Miller. He is one of the foremost designers's of potent healing tapes. We offer these tools in the Tapes section of the Self-Empowerment Center @

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Your Body Believes Every Word You Say
The Language of Body/Mind Connection

By Barbara Hoffman Levine
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