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Abundance Blend


Have you ever wondered why you aren't more abundant? Have you ever worked with an affirmation only to fail to change your circumstances? Abundance Blend is for just such circumstances. It is also for those just beginning to explore how to attract more abundance. It seems to dissolve the energetic blocks that would stop acceptance of having more. It has an element that addresses deservability and opening to multiple forms of abundance.

An attitude of being grateful and appreciative of all the little abundances that come to you throughout the day will assist integration of lessons around abundance.

Some forms of abundance to recognize:

You get the point; many things support and nourish us. Recognizing how plentiful these things are sets up the right vibration to attract good things. Good brain chemicals can much more easily create joy and abundance.

Other issues to consider:

Abundance Blend comes in a one-ounce cobalt blue dropper bottle. $20. Add2cart

Small carry along dropper bottle. $2.00 Add2cart

Suggested affirmation: "The universe flows to me all that I need."

Resources for Abundance:

  1. The most important resource I can think of is a channeled book called Creating Money. This book leads the reader through a shift in perception that will greatly enhance the ability to create abundance. Learn about abundance with Living with Joy In Association with by Sanaya Roman and her book Creating Money. In Association with
  2. It is important to recognize what your limiting beliefs are when it comes to universal flow, money, possessions, etc. Old limiting beliefs can be changed using the ideas expressed in my article Process for Shifting Limiting Belief Patterns, just click on title.
  3. Heart opening is often connected to movement in this area. As the heart opens we receive the energy that can absorb more support. It might be helpful to refer to the description of Awesome Blend for more information. Add2cart
  4. The book Healing Home helps you to create a physical atmosphere of abundance and joy which then inspires more abundance. Click on title to learn more. In Association with

Abundance Blend
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