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The Healing Home
Creating the Perfect Place to Live with Color,
Aroma, Light and other Natural Elements

by Suzy Chiazzari



Over the years, I have come to appreciate how much I'm impacted by environment. I always noticed that cleaning up my immediate environment improved my mental states and this was especially true when I was ill. Just cleaning up the tissues and food trays helped a great deal. As I got older I noticed that I prefer larger rooms and interesting colors. Plants, rocks, crystals and such uplifted me more than I formerly would have thought.

The Healing Home takes this to a sublime level. It inspires and teaches about creating a safe place one can retire to when life gets rough. This is a type of self-nurturing that only now seems to be catching on with the average person. Environmental designer Suzy Chiazzari draws from a variety of cultures and philosophies to show us how we can easily improve the vital energy in our homes.

Chapter Titles from The Healing Home are as follows:

For those who are interested in creating sacred space, I recommend The Healing Home. For anyone who would like to explore the connection between a pleasing environment and well being, we recommend this book For anybody looking for a simple place to start some positive changes try this book. Anyone who is open to change can benefit from this handsome esthetically pleasing book. This book is a pleasure to handle and peruse, get yourself a rocker and begin to let go and explore ways to create a relaxing soothing environment. The photographs are great! Hardcover


The Healing Home
Creating the Perfect Place to Live with Color, Aroma, Light and Other Natural Elements

By Suzy Chiazzari

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