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Living With Joy

by Sanaya Roman


These are channeled books, one of the benefits you can get from channeled material is new perspective, not commonly seen in more mainstream publications. I have been studying the phenomena of channeling for about thirty-five years. From my perspective as someone familiar with many sources, I am offering only the cream of the crop. Sanaya Roman is one of the best channels I've found. Some of her books are co-authored with Duane Packer. One of my best friend's studied with them and the work has an extremely high level of effectiveness and integrity. Every one of Sanaya's books has an experiential component, offering useful exercises and experiments.

For an introduction to becoming energy sensitive I highly recommend Living With Joy and Personal Power Through Awareness. For people very familiar with expanded concepts, Sanaya is a clear and integrative voice. The information is literally filled with light.

Creating Money is the best I've seen about manifestation of money. Sanaya and her channel Orin, teach us how to begin to see the universe as abundant and flowing. Money is just another form of energy, we can release our fears and become more congruent in calling money to us.

Becoming Your Higher Self and Soul Love help us to awaken the hearts wisdom and guidance in order to be bigger and more joyful. They are about anchoring the soul in the physical body. Inspiring, solid, uplifting, I highly recommend each and every one.


In Association with Amazon.comLiving With Joy
Keys to Personal Power and Spiritual Transformation
by Sanaya Roman
Order # 0915811030
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Spiritual Growth
Being Your Higher Self
by Sanaya Roman
Order # 091581112X
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Creating Money
Keys to Abundance
by Sanaya Roman with Duane Packer
Order # 091581109X
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Soul Love
Awakening Your Heart Centers
by Sanaya Roman
Order # 0915811774
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Personal Power Through Awareness
A Guidebook for Sensitive People

By Sanaya Roman
Order # 0915811049
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