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Flower Essence Q & A

by Bobbi Gay

Q: How often should I take a Flower Essence solution?

A: The best results I see are when used four times daily - 2 drops - under the tongue - Frequent introduction of the essence is a big factor. I put the dosage bottle in an obvious place on my night stand. Once upon awakening once at night - space out the other two throughout the day. I then carry a smaller bottle with me to use for the other two times. We have these tiny empty bottles available. Be sure to order the empty tiny bottle in addition to your solution bottle at the time of ordering.

Q: Are there an interactions with medication, etc.?

A: There are no interactions became there is no plant substance present. The only people who might have a reaction are vinegar or brandy sensitives as these stabilizers prevent growth of bacteria in the water based remedy.

Q: Are Flower Essences herbs?

A: No, Flower Essences are the energetic imprint of the flower upon a water medium. The blossom is then removed and the water stabilized with vinegar or brandy. Some herbs do flower and are made into essences, but herbal preparations consist of plant substances.

Q:: Can I take too much?

A: No, I often recommend 2 drops very frequently on the first day. There is no overdose effect. The one consideration is sometimes the Flower Essences bring up beliefs and emotions for examination and release. If this feels too deep or rapid slow down your frequency to maybe twice a day.

Q: Can I take Flower Essences in my juice or water?

A: Yes, sipping slowly drinks with 2 - 3 drops of essence is a highly effective way to introduce the remedy into your system. For traumatic situations our Emergency Blend can be put in a drink of water and sipped frequently until a calming occurs. Pay attention to breathing and stretching.

Q: Are there other methods of application?

A: They can be put in bath water a couple drops straight in. They can be applied to skin, especially to avoid alcohol ingestion. They can also be applied to compresses or added to massage oil.

Q: Can these remedies be used for children and pets?

A: Yes, I use the Emergency Blend in the water shared by our dog and four cats. It has helped cut way down on stress related behaviors such as bullying, dominating, pacing, and squabbling. Children respond positively, but don't use brandy based drops straight into their mouth, use water or juice in small amounts so they finish, or specify a vinegar base. We warn you children are often resistant to the taste of vinegar and the drops may need to be diluted in water or juice anyway.

Q: What if I don't notice change?

A: I suggest you rate on a scale of 1 - 5 your sense of the issue or issues you are addressing on the first day and once in a while throughout your week. Usually, even on stubborn stuff there is a lessening of frequency or intensity you can notice after monitoring. It's important not to monitor only when in a certain state ask your Higher Self to call your attention to your issues throughout your day. See the article Getting the Most Out of Your Flower Essences.

Q: What if the Flower Essence isn't exactly the right match?

A: Then it will pass through you with no effect. One reason I like blends is they cover different aspects of an issue in an attempt to address all possible levels of the issue. SEE SOLUTIONS.

Q: How can I best work with a calming essence?

A: By energetically opening yourself to the essence. This is best done by breathing deeply and evenly and attending to body tension by stretching into the tight areas gently. Last, I also invite the essence to help me. On occasion an emotion might be recognized and released where upon the body calms and centers quickly.

Q: How can I share these Flower Essences with others?

A: It's important not to thrust things at others. A diplomatic offer of information or gift bottle ( don't buy it first that's pressure ). It's best to just model positive changes and share with others spontaneously or by inquiries from others.

Q: Can flower essences replace therapy?

A: I've been assisting people for years now and I say sometimes! In some cases a self aware, determined person can probably expect to get as much richness from flower essences as good therapy. SEE Getting the Most out of Your Flower Essences. We all have a master therapist within. The essences help activate that part of ourselves.

Q: Can therapists have a use for flower essences?

A: Yes, flower essences aid self awareness and change, they often introduce a long awaited sense of ease. How to work consciously with your essences. For this very reason they greatly compliment the therapeutic process for in therapy. Some therapists share the same essence to create a resonance during experiential work.

Q: What alternative practitioners might benefit from integrating flower essences into their practice?

A: Bodyworkers, massage people, chiropractors, energy workers, naturopaths, acupuncturists. Many of these methods shift the body and / or it's energy systems. Flower essences aid the shifts to happen and assist in stabilizing a new, positive shift. We have created theme bottles which could be dispensed with your other services. See Solutions section for information about theme bottles. Mix and match theme bottles to fill wholesale quotas. Please e-mail us Bobbi@LightSeed.com about wholesale prices.


Resources for Flower Essences Q&A:

If Flower Essences intrigue you we invite you to visit other parts of our site dedicated to these "magical" little tools. Our Solutions Shop offers information about our custom blends created to ease real life problems and concerns. Also we offer phone services that consists of a brief personal interaction followed by the creation of a custom blend. To get a better context for how flower essences appear to work we direct you to the article entitled Vibrational Healing an Overview. In addition our Articles section lists other articles pertaining to flower essences.

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