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This Acorn Solution is designed to make the process of quitting smoking or any other addiction easier and more attainable. It is not a magical solution but for many people it makes the difference. Quit Blend may reduce cravings, but it probably won't take them completely away. It also might restore some sense of connection within, and this may have a calming and pacifying effect.

Just today in a synchronicity I was typing and my satellite dish was on. A wild feed, which is a transmission not broadcast to viewers but to news stations, came on. This is random from the standpoint of the viewer such as myself. The clip was in bits and pieces but it concerned cutting edge research just today being released. A medical doctor was explaining that new research indicated a strong link between certain early childhood stressors and cigarette smoking. He said the presence of these stressors could be felt twenty and thirty years later. They were expressed as a cigarette habit. The more early stressors that were identified for a person, the more likely that person was to start smoking early and to maintain a longstanding and/or heavy habit.

He speculated that the brains of children who experience certain stressors may be altered in such a way, that nicotine feels intrinsically more rewarding than to someone not stressed in those ways. He said that nicotine is a potent anti-anxiety agent as well as anti-depressant. He indicated that successful treatment may have to include looking at the early history, and also finding a decent substitute. In the resources section of this piece I will suggest some easily available alternatives for anxiety and depression.

Early stressors mentioned include:

The more of these stressors there were the greater the likelihood of becoming a smoker. This suggests to me that the underlying cause may be emotional. It may be helpful to address the issues mentioned above in order to break the dependency. It is also probably important to find a healthy substitute.

The Quit Blend was created to ease the desire for any addiction, particularly smoking. Flower essences are safe effective remedies that complement any health care program. In my work with people I have learned that often when people "wean" from the oral habit of smoking very old issues of abandonment and abuse begin to emerge. This is felt as a vague anxiety held in the body, and an inability or difficulty in finding comfort or in feeling nurtured. I have combined a blend of essences designed to reduce cravings, and inspire and renew interest in self-growth. This interest in self-awareness is an excellent substitute for addictive behaviors. In addition I included an essence for abandonment which may help to comfort and nurture the inner child. I also included an essence to help relax the body in a "felt" way.

For something like this it is best to take your essences five times daily. It is fine to take it more often to counteract cravings. If you are alcohol sensitive please request a vinegar stabilizer. Most people prefer to use the vinegar-based product in a glass of water to avoid the sharp taste.

One ounce cobalt blue dropper bottle

Quit Blend comes in a one ounce cobalt blue dropper bottle. $20 Add2cart

A small empty dropper bottle for on the go. $2.00 Add2Cart

Suggested affirmation: "I create peace from within and I gently release this habit."


  1. If anxiety is a big part of quitting for you here are some considerations. According to Melvyn Werbach M.D. and author of Nutritional Influences on Illness : A Sourcebook of Clinical Research there are six major nutritional triggers for anxiety. In Association with
    • Alcohol
    • Caffeine
    • Sugar
    • Deficiency of B vitamins, niacin, pyridoxine and thiamin
    • Deficiency of calcium or magnesium
    • Food allergies
  2. Also studies have shown that the herb Kava is quite effective in reducing anxiety symptoms. Kava is widely available I'd go to a health food store to get the best quality, and should be taken 100mg three times daily. To aid sleep 135mg to 210mg can be taken one hour before bed.
  3. Saint John's Wort is used widely in Europe for it's anti-depressant effects. It has less side effects than drugs used in America and unlike anti-depressants here which require finding the right one and doing trials, it's effect is quite uniform for everyone.
  4. Many people who smoke have mentioned to me that they sense a connection with the need to get more air. For this reason the Somatics tapes Calm and Energize may help a great deal. It trains you to breathe more deeply and effectively.
  5. The Acorn Solution called Balance Oil Blend would probably be an excellent adjunct to quitting any habit. That is because it gently releases trauma and rebalances the system. Add2cart
  6. A private Phone Session with me may help you to deal with the negative impact of the early stressors mentioned above. The type of session I call Focus on Soul Loss would probably help.
  7. We effect positive change when all the levels of our being line up and agree. With smoking I think unconscious influences such as sub-personalities ex. inner rebel or teenager, can undermine a sincere and determined approach. One of the best ways to work with the unconscious is with guided imagery or subliminal tapes. We gathered together a couple of the best choices out there. We offer the Stop Smoking CD by Steve Halpern PhD a muscian who has been studying the connection between music and healing states for decades. In Association with
    The other offering is A Meditation to Help You Stop Smoking by Belleruth Naparstek who is a wise, wonderful and nurturing healer. In Association with

Quit Blend
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