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Deep Release Oil Blend

The Deep Release Oil Blend is an essential oil solution that I developed to support people with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or more borderline PTSD characterized by anxiety and a difficult nervous system. I read a number of books, traveled to some trauma workshops and Deep Release Oil Blend is the result of that. It synergistically combines essential oils, flower essences, and angelic essences in a food quality base of almond oil. This formula brings about a release of deeply held trauma. This initially might feel like a low-level agitation of the nervous system, but it generally results in periods of more ease as well. For some it just might bring more ease and lightness. It is very helpful to hold a strong intention to let go of whatever comes up, as it comes up.

Caution:Oil Blends NOT to be swallowed. Do NOT take internally!

It is vital to support your releasing process by paying special attention to self-care routines, such as high quality food, plenty of water, and adequate sleep and naps. Naps are very self-nurturing. In some energy releasing techniques, not enough water can result in reinstitution of a released pattern. It is vital to drink six to eight glasses of water daily to flush energetic debris that might otherwise tire you or create aches and pains. When you ask your body to flush toxins of any kind, and you physically support it, it will thank you with positive changes and more clear feedback. This can be quite touching to see the earnest and honest cooperation you get from your very own body.

Deep Release Oil Blend can be applied sparingly to the fingertips and then touched to the base of the spine, the ankles and/or soles of the feet, and the belly. It can be applied to the wrists, etc. but will probably have more impact below the waist. Avoid contact with the eyes. When applying to the skin, gently rub into the skin like a caress. This is a reorientation toward goodness and sweetness. Deep Release Oil Blend helps the body, mind, spirit, and emotions to clear old dense debris.

Caution:Oil Blends NOT to be swallowed. Do NOT take internally!

Deep Release Oil Blend in a one ounce cobalt blue dropper bottle $20 Add2cart

A small companion empty dropper bottle $2.00 Add2Cart

Suggested affirmation to heighten your experience of releasing:

" The world is friendly and opens to support me."

Resources for releasing:

  1. The deep relaxation and healing guided imagery tapes by Emmet Miller
  2. Cleansing on the physical level simultaneously is great to do, although it takes discipline and planning. To learn about cleansing I recommend checking out the book Healthy Healing by Linda Rector PageIn Association with
  3. Contemplating what it means to "let go" and what in your life is calling to be released
  4. Angelic Healing tapes and book Healing with Light by Luanna Huffines.In Association with
  5. The many ways to release emotional energy are explained in the article entitled Emotional Factoids
  6. Emotional release is central to deep releasing, I recommend listening several times to my tape set Understanding the Emotions. Add to Cart Understanding Emotions
  7. A phone session with me, particularly the type of session I call Soul Loss tracking would greatly assist any process of releasing old stuff. It helps in integrating the changes and "moving through" rather than sitting " stuck in."

Deep Release Blend
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