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Healthy Healing
An Alternative Healing Reference

by Linda Rector-Page, N.D., Ph.D.


In Association with Amazon.comI knew I didn't want to have to buy half a dozen books on herbs. Yet I wanted to have my own source book for herbal remedies. It was important that this kind of a resource be safe and authoritative, since with herbs we don't usually have a doctor prescribing. I checked out what was out there and arrived at Healthy Healing - An Alternative Healing Reference. Linda Rector-Page is the founder/director of Crystal Star Herbal Nutrition. These are the highest quality herbs I've ever used. They are wild grown and carefully cultivated and always organic. I bet you didn't know that most herbs are exposed to pesticides by way of the soil or spraying. The Crystal Star company is the only one that explained that it's best for the body to have a day off every week of herb use. This avoids too much dependency on the herb, as the body might slow down it's own efficiency with daily herbal use.

This book can be used in one of two ways. Read from cover to cover it will provide an education on use of herbs in any and all kinds of healing. More likely it can act as a trusted reference book for a host of problems for yourself and others. This book is empowering because it gives you the information you need to take good care of yourself.

Health food stores throughout the United States use Healthy Healing as the store reference.

The book is filled with top quality information and charts to look up what ails you. The book recommends and discusses things that are far afield of herbs, such as bodywork, nutrition, recovering from illness or surgery, and homeopathic remedies. To me that is a good sign because in my own work I learned to get the best results I had to be comprehensive in my approach and this book is. For any given concern the chart shows the optimal food therapy, the right supplements, the appropriate herbs and lastly any special bodywork that would compliment the treatment program.

There are clear instructions for making your own herbal baths, teas, capsules, compresses, poultices, salves, and oils. There is a section on vitamins, glandulars, amino acids and enzymes. There is a segment addressing fasting and cleansing. There is a special section for treating children and even pets. A whole portion of the book is dedicated to having a healthy baby. There is so much here that it can't all be covered. If you are interested in the benefits of herbal therapy, you can guide yourself with this book for a fraction of the cost of seeing and herbologist. Since this is an emergent field it's difficult to assess the quality of the practitioner in your area, but Healthy Healing is the gold standard. We know how self-empowering this over sized 363-page book is, and for that reason we heartily recommend it. Order # 188433489X In Association with


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Healthy Healing
An Alternative Healing Reference

By Linda Rector-Page N.D. Ph.D.

Order # 188433489X
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