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Integrative Breathwork Workshops
by Bobbi Gay




The Self Empowerement Center @ is comprised of Bobbi Gay and Alan Cornelius. We both have been trained and certified by internationally know therapist and author Jacquelyn Small, in a wonderful and exciting experiential technique known as Psycho-Spiritual Integration and Integrative Breathwork. This work is a derivative of the technique developed by one of the founders of the Transpersonal movement in psychology, Dr. Stanislav Grof MD.

The technique, Integrative Breathwork, is often done in groups and can have a one or two day format. The participants partner for the actual breathwork. Music that is designed to activate unconscious material is played for two hours while one partner breathes and the other attends to them as a guardian of the space and emotional support. The music is very exciting and stimulates the chakras or energy centers in a sequence starting at the root chakra and culminating in the crown chakra or higher centers.

The one who is to breath lies down comfortably with a pad or blanket and after a guided relaxation the music begins and the participant begins breathing at a deeper and more rapid rate than usual. The types of experiences that emerge could be energetic in nature, or there could be a revisiting of something in the personal history, these experiences could involve birth experiences or anything from the transpersonal level of reality. That means past life, ethnic or racial memories, archetypal experiences, cosmological experiences and a whole lot more.

On some occasions participants may need a focused kind of energy work from the facilitators. After a break or the next day depending on the time format, the partners switch roles and the other one breathes, this is followed by a gentle loving kind of groupwork. What makes this Integrative Breathwork technique so special is that the material that emerges from the unconscious is particularly healing for that individual experiencer.

This truly is soul work, it is deep and profoundly loving and supportive. It is certainly the most exciting work we've seen or experienced. We love doing this work and encourage you to consider sponsoring us in your area. The groups we can serve run in size from five to twenty. It can take place in a large family room or a meeting hall. This is for explorers, for those who would like to work with their emotions or other deeper aspects of Self. It opens new horizons for those who feel limited or stuck in their current therapy. This process has an opening effect, which oftentimes reinvigorates or enlivens a person's ongoing therapy process.

Bobbi Gay offers follow up sessions by phone. With prior arrangement it may be possible to set up individual one on one sessions with her either the day before or the day after the event.

Integrative Breathwork is not advised for those with manic depressive disorder (bipolar), schizophrenia or other major mental illness. It is inadvisable for those with unmanaged high blood pressure, serious heart disease or glaucoma. In the first case the transformational energies might be too disorienting in the case of the later the concern would be that intense releasing or catharsis could put too much internal pressure on the body.

We encourage you to leave a message at 1 888 407- 8456 or
email us at to discuss what the possibilities might be for your group. We will be happy to talk about your questions and concerns and to have a creative discussion about how to accommodate your needs. It is our excitement to do this work as it would be yours.
Integrative Breathwork is the deepest work currently available in our opinion.



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It's always good to hear from fellow online seekers, healers and explorers.

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