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Inner Gold Blend

The Inner Gold Blend is a flower essence blend for those who don't experience a good relationship to self. I have been researching the subject of self-esteem for some fifteen years now. I think this issue of low self-esteem undermines the rest of life if it isn't addressed.

Anxiety seems to go hand in hand with low self-esteem, and that makes sense to me. It is the soul's way of signaling something is wrong, and that the bond with self is disturbed.

Inner Gold Blend helps rebalance energy disturbances that get in the way of positive self regard. This makes self-acceptance easier. There is a warming to self at the core. This is a major shift in consciousness and the one that is vital in order to evolve. For that reason I highly recommend reading and applying the information in the resource section. Inner Gold Blend can give you a boost and a new freshness in the area of self-love, but it is vital to approach this issue from multiple levels simultaneously. It is a very limiting pattern and represents contraction on many of the levels of being. Mind/body/ spirit/emotions all need to come into more alignment to make such a big shift. This Inner Gold Blend can help a great deal but I would suggest putting self-love into action with some of the suggestions that you resonate to from the resources section provided below.

One ounce cobalt blue dropper bottle
Inner Gold Blend
comes in a one-ounce cobalt blue bottle. $20 Add2cart

Small empty portable dropper bottles. (For those on the go) $2.00 Add2Cart

Suggested affirmation: " I am a vessel for the living creator, my nature is love."


  1. Loss of contact with the emotions is a major contributing factor in low self-esteem. Often there is an over emphasis and attendant fear of negative states with little focus on creating internal positive states. Releasing some negative emotional energy can be very helpful as one embarks on a plan to raise self-esteem. Negative feelings can lodge in the energy field and we respond to that by vibrating to it, thinking and feeling become contracted. I suggest reading the articles Emotional Factoids and Processing Emotion.
  2. Pleasure states naturally generate positive self-esteem. Try reading The Pleasure Connection it will open all kind of understandings and possibilities. It explains how perceptions produce biochemical results in the brain. It is possible to create more positive perceptions and experiences. Pleasure Connection offers exercises to access pleasure chemicals. In Association with
  3. Nathaniel Branden was one of my earliest influences. He is a brilliant man and has been writing about self-esteem for nearly forty years. His book The Six Pillars of Self Esteem is an excellent overview of the subject. In Association with
  4. It isn't a rule that we act out because we have low self-esteem as has been suggested for years in mainstream treatment. It can just as easily be said that we have low self-esteem because we fail to hold ourselves to an inner standard of conduct that feels good. Consider creating one or two core values that will help you organize and direct change in your life. For example my abiding guideposts are love/ wisdom. When contemplating choices and behaviors I ask how does what I'm considering measure up to the qualities of love/wisdom.
  5. If you have low self-esteem then you surely are harboring negative core beliefs. We offer the article Process of Shifting Limiting Beliefs just for these kinds of needs. Click on the title to learn more about how to change those negative and therefore limiting beliefs.

Inner Gold Blend
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