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Images From the Depths: A Slide Presentation
A Workshop by Bobbi Gay


In my training with shamanistic methods of healing, I often witnessed people having extraordinary inner experiences resulting in major positive change. A combination of intention, music and deep breathing would carry people into deep states from mystical reverie to cathartic expression. Immediately following a two to three hour session the experients drew a right brain representation of their often ineffable inner journey. These images from the deep psyche are beautiful, compelling, healing and sometimes haunting.

Images From the Depths a Slide Presentation

This workshop will center around the variety of beautifully rendered mandalas carefully photographed and assembled over a period of years. The evocative nature of this art is powerful. Using the slide presentation as a talking point we will explore Integrative Breathwork and some of the kinds of experiences people have when doing deep experiential work.

Holotropic Breathwork was developed by a psychiatrist named Stanislav Grof, who has been researching the deep psyche for more than thirty years.


Exciting and revealing.
A creative explosion!

Images From the Depths

A Workshop Presented
by Bobbi Gay

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