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Wisdom Channel

by Bobbi Gay


My heart is filling as I sit down to write about something very dear to me. I have been on a path my whole life. Much of the time especially in the early years, I felt alone. I knew no one like me. I had no one to talk to or share with. I learned to draw strength and inspiration from writers whose work touched me. I have people now, I can share with and draw sustenance from. One of my best friends Carolyn Burns is an incredible energy worker and I've found great support in receiving her energetic support. In addition Carolyn and I track a lot in life experiences and interests so my adult years have been much more companionable in that way. I have many people I can share with now.

As a more mature adult, I still find my journey to be a solitary one in many ways. Yet, I live in the woods of Connecticut, which I love for many reasons. I moved to the country because my nervous system was uncomfortable in the city. I needed nature to surround me and it does. But country life has some down sides in terms of distances and finding like minded folks. All this is meant to explain what the Wisdom Channel means to me. A while back my mate Alan told me a new channel called The Wisdom Channel was coming in on the satellite. Immediately I tuned in and caught their first week. I have been with them on an almost daily basis ever since .

From day one I felt uplifted. After the first few weeks I noticed that I felt more "fed" inside. I could literally feel my personal vibration gathering strength and purpose. I watched voraciously for a while. These were people I highly respected, in many cases I had read their work, listened to their tapes or gone to their workshops. Here I was in the woods of Connecticut and yet I could "feel" more of a connection to the greater organism that we are here on Earth. I could draw deep sustenance and strength from my fellow travelers and teachers. Transformation of planet Earth has been a grass roots affair so we don't find ourselves at very many mass events yet. (In the future I believe mass events will have the magnetic qualities of today's rock concerts.)

I honestly don't believe this web site or my book would have happened without the love and nourishment of the Wisdom Channel. Their vibration is of the highest integrity they provide spiritual food that you can trust. There is no hidden agenda here, they support all kinds of spiritual expression. These are voices you can relax and lean into. The Wisdom Channel offers free and clear full workshops by many of the world's premiere thinkers. They offer Deepak Chopra, Louise Hay, Marianne Williamson, Stan Grof, Wayne Dyer and many more to delight you.

On a daily basis they offer shows on yoga, (you can do yoga with the show several times a day), cooking, parenting, health shows, and interview shows. My personal favorite is Journey's into Healing with Portland Helmich. This show is cutting edge, highly informational and the guests are excellently chosen. Portland combines interviewing with a more experiential component. Often Portland herself takes part in a healing modality while being filmed. She is willing to be present and unguarded enough to do her process in front of the camera. That totally impresses me. Her questions are always bright and clear. I have been learning alternative modalities for over a decade and I am learning so much from Journey's into Healing.

Thinking Allowed with Jeffrey Mishlove is another great favorite I have been following for maybe a dozen years, for many years this was on PBS and I loved watching it and taped it religiously.

As I said transformation is a grass roots affair and the people at the Wisdom Channel have found a way to plant, seed, and nourish a shifttoward self responsibility and respondability. At the Wisdom Channel they have literally put love into action. It takes special people to move beyond the dreamer stage and get birthing. They walk the talk. Please support our brothers and sisters at the Wisdom Channel by calling your local cable channel and requesting the Wisdom Channel. This calls for a conscious act to get beyond dreaming that the Wisdom Channel grows and is supported.

The Wisdom Channel is dedicated to spreading light throughout the world. It presents the top thinkers in what I call the New Thought movement. These people are preeminent in their individual fields, yet each has come to a similar place in their beliefs. They believe we are all connected and have some responsibility to the group. They believe in a positive force for good and working consciously with it.

The programmers have rigorous intellectual prowess and are very selective in who and what they present. What they present are only the best thinkers and be-ers, in the New Thought. In my opinion these are the shapers of the most positive future available for humanity. If we learn from them we will we be transformed as easily as possible. Throughout history there have been pockets of extremely advanced and soulful people who have positively impacted their own cultures and beyond. The group of individuals who created this project are just such a group. They offer a clear vision of humanity and her future. They have a clear heart and creative intelligence at the Wisdom Channel.

The Wisdom Channel is part of the Wisdom Network consisting of Wisdom TV, Wisdom radio and on the internet the Wisdom Channel. Wisdom Channel on TV is free for everyone who has a satellite. They hope to become part of your cable system. Click here If you want the Wisdom Channel on your local cable system package.


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