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by Bobbi Gay


This is a great tool for releasing muscular tension and pain due to injury or emotional repression. The Theracane is a crooked device with a number of knobs built along its length. It was developed by a man who lived alone with intense chronic pain. The Theracane allows you to release those tender little trigger points anywhere on the body. Sometimes those releases might be accompanied by some emotional expression, such as tears. To learn more about the bodily encoding of emotions, and other Emotional Factoids, please visit our ARTICLES section.

The Theracane is empowering because I always feel warm and relaxed in the area I've just worked with. Over time the tension spots can be addressed as they come up and overall tension is reduced. This works best when using awareness, reframing of beliefs, and flower essences or essential oils. Breathing is also a major factor, so simply expanding the chest and releasing the tension will reverse the contraction state. If you need help opening the rib cage and breathing more deeply, we offer a Somatics CD called Calm and Energize. Breathe as if you are releasing any old stale tension as you work with this magical little tool. Over the period of a year Alan here at the Self Empowerment Center @ LightSeed.com safely released a huge accumulation of both physical and emotional tension. We learned about it from a wonderfully wise kinesthesiologist.

The Theracane comes with a small booklet that diagrams all the trigger spots and explains how to use the tool. The company also has a video that I believe can be purchased, we got a lot out of that, because all the knobs have particular tasks they can perform, and the video demonstrates that.

The relaxation one gets when they use the Theracane can be heightened by using music such as the Brainwave Suite tapes or CD, or a relaxation blend of essential oils or flower essences, all available in our Solutions @ LightSeed.com. Another enhancer would be to take a hot bath afterwards, and even more enhancing would be to use our Letting Go Bath Salts which have both essential oils as well as flower and Angelic essences in them.


by Ariel Spilsbury
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