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Creative Flow Blend


Creative Flow Blend is a flower essence blend that allows the creative flow to move through, and inspire us. It strengthens the sense of connection with the soul's wellspring of generativity. I created the Creative Flow Blend for times when i am doing public speaking, writing, workshops and even house cleaning. I find it tends to unlimit my thinking considerably. It puts an easiness and fun back into the creative process.

The Creative Flow Blend could be taken on an as needed basis, or it could be taken systematically five times daily. Results would probably be noticed if you take it less. This blend seems to open new ways of looking at things, and new solutions. It also tends to free more personal energy for creative activities, it increases motivation to create. It makes creating fun.

One ounce cobalt blue dropper bottle
Creative Flow Blend
comes in a one ounce cobalt blue bottle $20

We suggest purchasing a smaller empty dropper bottle to carry around $2.00 Add2cart

Suggested affirmation: "I open to new ways to be creative and effective."

Resources to support creativity:

1. I like to watch the Discovery channel "how to" shows when I'm taking this blend.

2.The book called Healing Home is excellant for those who wish to focus on creatively changing your personal space. In Association with

3. Journaling, particularly about feelings is a great way to open up to creative expression.

4. Notice what kinds of things make you feel a desire to involve in something creative and commit to trying . Remember what you liked when you were a kid, what gave you that sense of flow.

Creative Flow Blend
Order # 300-008


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