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Surgery & the Statue of Liberty
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My story occurred about four years ago. I was facing a surgery and felt anxious. I asked my Higher Self to comfort me in a way that would assure me I would be safe during the surgery. A couple days later Alan and I went down to New Jersey from our home in Connecticut. The kids, Jesse and Beryl, were with their father who took them to New Jersey a day before our trip. As our brief trip was drawing to an end we were missing the kids and Alan said, " I wish we could take the kids to the Statue of Liberty today. " I agreed that sounded like fun, and we turned the car toward Connecticut.
Several hours later we stopped at the last rest stop on the Garden State Parkway. As we walked through the food area we looked at approximately a hundred people eating in the common area, and passed by them. A child's voice entered my consciousness and suddenly I realized my kids were calling me. There they were two tiny people in a sea of people, in a state of millions. We were approximately a hundred and fifty miles from home, yet only a short way from the Statue of Liberty. The kids switched cars and off we went to see her.

As we got back on the road I felt a great sense of peace concerning the surgery. I knew that if the creative force in the universe could help us effortlessly locate our kids in such a crowded state miles from home, I would be cared for during the surgery. It was a strong inner knowing and peace. The subsequent surgery went very easily and my recovery was astounding, especially to the doctor who told me I could have whatever food I could tolerate. A couple hours after the surgery I was eating a Big Mac and feeling great. The doctor was telling everybody about that, and I did feel gifted by a very easy experience.

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